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PC Diagnostics save time but must be good quality

Glendale 6/19/2008 04:48 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

I have been using PC Diagnostics in the PC business for about twenty years now and I must have tried just about every PC Diagnostic on the market.  Some good , some very good and some just a waste of time.


After all these years though I try to stick with what works and I use MicroScope from Micro 2000.


I’m not suggesting that you blindly follow my lead however. I thought I would make a couple  of suggestions of what to look for in a PC Diagnostic and a PC diagnostic company.

I bought my first copy of MicroScope about eighteen years ago. I’m sure  Micro 2000 has seen it ups and downs over that period  as have all other companies .  The good thing is it’s still there. The company is still there and the product is still being kept up to date with the ever-changing  PC . (I expect they will have a PC you can wear on your ring finger pretty soon)   


This brings me to my next comment and that is: if a company has been around for a  long time does that mean the technology is good.  Well, pretty much, yes it does. People would have stopped supporting it long before this time if it didn’t do  it’s job. The company would have stopped engineering  it also because of an ever deminishing return on investment.


So what’s the secret?  MicroScope  was the first to develop a Diagnostic that is truly Operating System Independent.   There are others who have since come up to compete on this front  but MicroScope was the first and is still the leader.  Another thing is the tech support is second to none. I call up over there looking for a code or something to do with a new machine I haven’t dealt with yet and Micro 2000 is there to help. You get a live person who will work with you to solve your customers problem.  That’s invaluable.


Anyway I’m a big fan I guess. That’s a piece of what I believe on PC Diagnostics. There’s more


Neil Wallace


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