Making Drug Rehab Fun

Providing Enjoyable Activities as a Treatment Alternative

Sundance, Utah 6/25/2008 03:17 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

An alcoholic or drug addict can have many preconceived ideas when they enter drug rehab.  They can view treatment for their addiction problem as a punishment, confinement, and even as prison.  This can result in an initial rebellion against aspects of treatment.  Some rehabs focus on balancing the program with many elements.  Some of these elements are activities to make addiction treatment a little more fun.


More treatment centers are utilizing enjoyable activities to balance out the treatment process.  These activities can be as simple as an art class, or pottery.  They can be even more challenging like rock climbing, or obstacle courses.  When the addict or alcoholic can enjoy themselves in these parts of treatment, they have a better chance at opening to other parts.


These activities are a good balance to the meatier portions of drug and alcohol rehab.  Of course, the vital part of treatment is the effective therapies in personal, group and family settings.  However these parts of therapy can be difficult.  It means giving up something that has a psychological hold on the individual.  When the addict is struggling with these things, a fun activity like working in a garden or going fishing can be a relaxing pressure reliever.


A walk on the beach, a hike, or even a river rafting trip can be an additional help to overcoming addiction problems.  It is more than a chance to relax.  Many of these activities provide cognitive lessons for addiction.  The addict can develop coping strategies in a fun and creative environment.  It also gives the troubled mind a positive and relaxing atmosphere for thinking about the changes in life that need to be made.


Many rehab facilities use these types of fun activities as a style of "experiential" therapy.  This entails using the therapeutic experience of the activity as a building block towards recovery.  It provides a new way to resist the temptations of addiction.  If the addict enjoys their drug rehab experience, they can envision it as a way of life for the future.  These fun activities can be an alternative to seeking and using drugs and alcohol. 


This article was provided by Cirque Lodge, a private and exclusive drug rehab in the mountains of Sundance Utah.  Cirque Lodge uses a unique balance of personalized treatment with experiential therapy. This balance is a unique approach to a highly effective addiction treatment program.


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