I want Network security yeah!

Is Network Security really possible?

I want Network Security 6/27/2008 03:52 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Wow! Today network  security comes in many different forms. On the Network we have security breaches by way of hackers . This is very common. Then we have Viruses , worms , Trojans etc  .


Also there are  computer security breaches by personel going manually to a computer and downloading precious information and either selling it or using this information for personal gain.

Then there’s carelessness (one might think this would be the easiest to control but it’s not) whereby  the IT guys forget to really erase the data that’s on the hard drive and it ends up in the wrong  hands via a stop at the Good Samaritan Store or the possibly the  salvage center or the dump.


This is what I want to talk about . There is a little program out there that is not expensive to buy.  It’s very effective at cleaning off hard drives to a point where it meets the US Military Government   standard that says if you do enough rewrites over the existing data it is then safe if it falls into the wrong hands because they will not be able to read any of it. It needs to have around seven rewrites.


There are some programs out there that write over the drive and give it the equivalent of a low level format but  I do understand now why this system is not enough to actually wipe the drive clean.  The data can still be taken off and used with  a low level format routine run on it. It’s OK to use that drive for your own purposes such as loading more software on the drive but not if you want to dispose of the computer or the drive. 

There is another way to make sure the drive can’t be read and that is to smash the platters with a hammer. This works but if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of removing the drive and beating on it and making a huge mess with pieces of hard drive everywhere use a software program called Eraserdisk   from Micro 2000 and that will be that problem solved.


I hope this helps

Wallace Greenwood

IT Grummond



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