EU aids Pakistani flood victims with $25 million

Atlanta 8/18/2010 09:42 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

While Pakistani flood survivors are hearing news of more flood warnings, the European Union has pledged another $25 million to the Pakistani aid project, raising their total aid to Pakistan to $90 million. This total does not include individual donations from European nations.

Andrew Mitchell, UK's International Development secretary, visited the flood sites. His response to the disaster was that although Pakistani relief teams were doing a good job distributing aid, much more help was needed from the international community.

Mitchell stated that he hoped to hear of more donations from the UN after the emergency meeting being hosted in New York on Thursday.

With at least 1,600 dead from the worst natural disaster on the whole Indian subcontinent, the flood in Pakistan now covers an area the size of England. While millions need help, several have not received any aid. This is due to the fact that the flood has completely ravaged roads, bridges, and the overall infrastructure.

The country's officials fear a famine may be in the future since entire crops have been demolished. Years will go by before the country may recover.

Pakistani government has reassured all aid-givers that the money given for flood relief will not fall into the hands of the Taliban.


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