PC diagnostics for testing hardware.

Are PC diagnostics still necessary?

PC diagnostics for testing hardware 7/12/2008 01:33 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)


There have been many improvements in the PC over the years . Dual core processors, quad core processors ever increasing speed. Hot swappable devices where a few years a go you needed to set the interrupts and make sure there were no conflicts. PC Diagnostics (good ones anyway) were invaluable in that scenario.


I spoke with Robert McFarlane of Micro 2000. (A company that’s been around for twenty years or so and have been in the PC Diagnostics business the whole time).


“If PC Diagnostics were no longer a viable product we wouldn’t still be in the business. “There will always be new advancements in PC development. “Hardware becomes simpler for the end user but in actuality, behind the scenes, it’s becoming more and more complex on the engineering side. For every new complexity there is a new vunerability and more redundancy has to be built in.”  A memory chip can fail intermittently and cause an “unknown” slowing in computing power and for  long duration  not be spotted as a source of trouble.  Without the use of a very solid   pc diagnostic program like (Microscope) which can locate an intermitant  problem  such as this it would be very unlikely that the issue would be picked up at all.  This is why professionals in the field carry a PC Diagnostic such as Microscope which is a very good tool for such work”.


 It’s true I think that a service company travelling to offices and homes to sort out problem computers want to be in and out quickly and the best way to ensure that is to have the best tools available. Service companies look good when they can pinpoint a problem and solve it in short order.  

I was once in a film studio and the PC we were using broke down  unexpectedly. There was a very clever technician who went through the whole system : listening to error beeps, swapping parts and booting and re-booting until he found the error.  He had quick hands and an even quicker mind  and he had the problems behind us in about two hours. (we did not have a  PC diagnostic with us on that occasion).  I thanked  the techie who just happened to be on site working on a HD for an AVID machine . If we had had  a PC Diagnostic it just would not have been a drama at all and the whole issue would have resolved in no time .



So I would say, for insurance purposes alone, a good PC diagnostic is a very worthwhile investment and when you need to fix a pc fast they are invalueable. 


Hope this helps


Shane McSweeny

WDFA Productions





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