Alabama Attorney General Troy King Caught in Gay Sex Scandal

Atlanta, GA 7/12/2008 04:35 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to reports, Alabama Attorney General Troy King, who has called homosexuality the “downfall of society,” has allegedly been caught in a gay sex scandal.

King, a conservative Republican, was reportedly caught by his wife Paige King having sex with a male assistant in their Montgomery home. Reports say King was kicked out of his home by his wife and is set to resign over the scandal.

King is known for voicing his opposition of abortion and homosexuality. He has worked to outlaw sex toys in Alabama. King frequently wrote editorials for The Crimson White in which he called homosexuality the “downfall of society.”

In 2004, King was appointed to Attorney General by Alabama Governor Bob Riley. He previously serves as the Assistant Attorney General. King is considered a potential candidate for Alabama governor in 2010.

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