Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton Plan Reunion

Atlanta, GA 7/23/2008 03:26 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to reports, Angelina Jolie plans to reunite with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton to do a comedy movie. Thornton recently admitted to Maxim magazine that he and Jolie have been looking for the right script.

“We’ve talked about it plenty of times. I’m sure we will. We want to be really careful that we pick the right one. Maybe a comedy. In other words, we wouldn’t want to do another movie about a husband-wife relationship,” he said. “That probably wouldn’t be very good.”

 Jolie and Thornton were married in 2000 and divorced in 2003. The actress has been with partner Brad Pitt since 2005. She recently gave birth to their fifth and sixth children, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

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