Close Up TV News recognizes the Advanced Lap-Band Surgery Center and Dr. Louis Fox

Dallas, TX 8/04/2008 04:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Close Up TV News recognizes the Advanced Lap-Band Surgery Center and Dr. Louis Fox for their revolutionary weight loss procedure.


Dr. Louis Fox of the Advanced Lap-Band Surgery Center ( is a general surgeon with a subspecialty in bariatric or weight loss surgery. Normally when one hears the words “weight loss surgery” one thinks of the radical gastric bypass procedure generally associated with the morbidly obese. Dr. Fox, however, specializes in a unique and revolutionary new laparoscopic procedure known as gastric banding or the Lap-Band. While the gastric bypass surgery requires stapling and dividing of the stomach and intestines the Lap-Band surgery is an outpatient procedure and the safest of all weight loss surgeries available.


“The gastric bypass is an effective weight loss surgery. I have no problem with it,” says Dr. Fox. “But it is more radical and higher risk.”


With the Lap-Band procedure a band is placed around the top part of the stomach, creating a small stomach pouch above the band while the rest of the stomach remains in its normal position for digestion. Dr. Fox inflates the band with saline to reduce the channel between these two pouches to the size of a pencil. Solid food moves through this channel very slowly, limiting the amount of food the patient is able to consume. As a result patients become full much quicker and stay full much longer.


“That’s the beauty of the band,” says Dr. Fox. “The band will limit their quantity of food to less than a cup of food or ten bites of food at each meal. They are going to fill up on protein and vegetables so they won’t be hungry for the potatoes, rice and pasta that contribute to weight gain.”


Just as with any weight loss surgery the success of the procedure still rests with the patient. Patients need to have an open mind to change their eating habits; the band by itself is not a magic cure but rather an aide to help lose weight and maintain weight loss.


“I’ve assisted surgeons with gastric bypasses for 20 years but never wanted to offer it to my own patients because it’s such a radical operation,” says Dr. Fox. “When the gastric band became available in 2001 I waited until I saw weight loss did occur and the complication rate was very low. We’ve been offering this revolutionary procedure for four years and we’ve done hundreds of cases with excellent results.”


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