Combo Plate: No Activation Fee, No Service Plan Charge, No Upfront Cost

Save Up To $555 By Ordering T-Mobile Service Today

Seattle 9/10/2010 04:55 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Replace or upgrade your T-Mobile family text and calling plan between now and September 14, 2010 and you will be eligible for a brand new touchscreen LG Sentio Android powered smart phone. This is the best T-mobile phone offer we have found on the Internet.

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Are You A New T-Mobile or Existing T-Mobile Cellular Customer?

You are in for a treat. It's all about buying big and paying little. For this weekend, you and your family can save hundreds of dollars on your wireless phone bill. You will get the following if you agree to a new 2 year service plan:

  • Free LG Sentio Smartphone, the free LG Sentio offer applies to primary and second lines only.
  • Free activation. This promotion will work for up to 3 newly activated lines.
  • Free service plan until January 01, 2011. Kids are free. This offer is not restricted to kids only. It will apply to a group of people who wish to share a monthly family plan. This means your first bill will be sent out after 1/1/2012. Therefore, your family plan charge will resume 1/1/2012 with standard pricing beginning the first billing cycle in 2012.

Get Free Text Message Alert!

You will be reminded prior to the price increase via a free text message alert from T-Mobile.

Note: This offer is fulfilled by Simplexity, LLC, an authorized dealer for T-Mobile. This offer is valid between September 8 and September 14, 2010. Source:

Why Buy From

  • Save $70 off per order. Even if you purchase the LG Sentio at the official T-mobile retail outlet, the retail price is $69.99. By shopping on our website, the LG Sentio is free. So two members of your family can qualify for the first and second LG Sentio smart phone. Each family can save up to $140 just in the cost of the handset itself. Please visit: for more information
  • 30 day refund policy
  • You won't find this amazing deal anywhere on the Internet.

Below is a comment from a person who recently purchased the LG Sentio

"Great Phone"
Inexpensive, Small form factor, great battery life, solid feel, good reception and call quality, works well with inexpensive data plan, easy to use, good camera, social buzz works well as does the texting feature
Touch screen sometimes doesn't register and requires multiple presses. There are not a lot of "apps" or widgets - so if that's important to you, keep looking.
Summary: It's a great phone if you want something a step up from an ordinary bar or flip phone but don't want to pay top dollar for the phone and then pay dearly each month for an expensive data plan. It's very portable due to it's small size - and easy to hold or clip on your belt. Texting is easy and all the features seem to work very well including GPS, Camera and Bluetooth. It's nice that it doesn't have to be charged every night like many smartphones. I have no regrets - perfect for me! "
source: - by jdigeorgio on July 16, 2010


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