Buda, Texas appoints new city manager

Eighty-six qualified candidates vied for the position

DALLAS, TX 8/16/2008 01:46 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The City of Buda has selected Kenneth Williams as their new city manager.  Mr. Williams previously served as city manager for the City of Diboll, in Angelina County, Texas, a city of similar size to Buda.  He is set to start the new assignment on September 8th.  The executive recruitment was conducted by Waters-Oldani Executive Recruitment, a division of The Waters Consulting Group, Inc. of Dallas, Texas. Buda, Texas, in Hays County, is 13 miles southwest of Austin, Texas. The city benefits from easy access to the nearby cities and towns with which it shares the Austin - San Marcos metropolitan area. As of this writing, Buda's population is 5,100 people. Since 2000, it has experienced a population growth of over eighty-nine percent. This recruitment was successfully accomplished in 110 days. Eighty-six qualified candidates vied for the position.


Dr. Troy Coleman, PhD, was the lead consultant on this recruitment for The Waters Consulting Group. He commented on this project, “The mayor and city council were very helpful, cooperative and positive throughout this recruitment. They worked hard, too – as hard as the Waters people sometimes – through extensive deliberations, refining the candidate profile and they remained involved throughout the screening and interviewing process. I’m gratified to have them as satisfied clients. We at Waters-Oldani Executive Recruitment worked hard to develop a top quality pool of candidates and they chose the right person for the job.”


Mr. Williams challenges will be great. His experience as a strong negotiator to represent a city’s interests with developers, as a crafter of successful coalitions and a team builder and as an astute listener will be fully called for. "It's… a new and exciting opportunity. It's an area (Buda) that's growing really fast and they have some unique challenges that I think will be ideal for my skills that I bring to the table." Mr. Williams is from the Lufkin area and says he's sad to leave his hometown and the rest of his family, but is ready for the change. "Austin was just named the best area in the United States to live," he said. "Living in that area with the excellent quality of life in Buda is the best of both worlds, to live in a suburb close to the city. I look forward to the opportunity to serve such a quality city."


Williams has been the city manager in Diboll since 2006 and previously served in positions with the city of Lufkin from 1988-2006 where he served as assistant city manager before leaving in 2006.


Diboll Mayor Bill Brown said, "We certainly hate losing him and it's a big loss for the city," Brown said, " He felt it was in the best interest of his family and that it was a better opportunity for him in an area that's really growing." Mr. Brown said Williams has done a lot for the city in his two years.


The Waters Consulting Group, Waters-Oldani Executive Recruitment Division, is proud to have successfully conducted this recruitment for the City of Buda, Texas. To learn more about Executive Recruitment at The Waters Consulting Group, click here.


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