10 Reasons to Give the Electronic Cigarette a Try

Los Angeles 11/01/2010 09:10 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Have you been wondering why people are switching to electronic cigarettes -- or E cigarettes -- especially long-time smokers who have tried many other methods to quit traditional cigarettes? Customer surveys indicate that there are actually many reasons smokers are finding it easy to stop "smoking" and start "vap-ing." Here are 10 benefits found by satisfied E-cigarette customers.

No Ashtrays
Since E-cigarettes do not burn any combustible material, they do not create ashes or cigarette butts that require an ashtray. A simple kit, usually no bigger than a cigar box, holds all of the materials you need to recharge, refresh and clean electronic cigarettes. Starter kits usually come with handy carrying pouches that resemble regular cigarette holders.

No Personal Odor
Unlike regular cigarettes that create a "tobacco smell," an E-cigarette will not leave your breath smelling of smoke or produce unpleasant odors that can cling to your clothing, draperies, upholstery or carpets.

No "Smokers Cough"
E-cigarettes deliver nicotine in a controlled water vapor which does not include tar and other carcinogens produced by regular cigarettes that cause mucus buildup and shortness of breath. Many long-time smokers report that their "smoker's cough" clears up after a few months once they have switched to E-cigarettes.

Fewer Restrictions
You can almost ignore the "No Smoking" signs and light up an E-cigarette in any environment you choose since it does not smell, create secondhand smoke or generate ashes or involve combustible material. Of course, you may have to explain to those around you that you are not violating any ordinances and be prepared to cease "vap-ing" if so directed.

No Tobacco Tax
E-cigarettes are not subjected sudden tax hikes that lawmakers can impose on commercial cigarettes, so the price is more stable.

Spend Less
In side-by-side comparisons with commercial cigarettes regarding consumption vs. cost, E-cigarettes wind up costing $2.00-$3.00 per pack, a considerable savings. Besides the cost-per-pack analysis, many smokers find further savings by buying in bulk or taking advantage of memberships, buying clubs and special promotions.

Feel Better
Smokers who switch to E-cigarettes say that they experience increased lung capacity which has made them feel more vigorous, vital and youthful.

Cut Down or Eliminate Cigarettes

Many E-cigarette users find that they can reduce or sometimes totally eliminate their desire for regular cigarettes and can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine their E-cigarette produces, effetively weaning them off the chemical addiction without having to give up the physical habit of smoking.

Look Cool
Remember how glamorous those old movie stars with their elegant cigarette holders seemed, especially compared to the inglorious image of smokers these days? E-cigarettes are fashioned to recreate that sense of savoir-faire with their stylish, sleek designs and glowing LED tip in modern electric blue or traditional cozy orange.

"Spread the Word"
You may well make a lot of new friends as curious people -- especially other smokers -- want to ask you about about the benefits of E-cigarettes, so you will be soon be making your own list of reasons for switching.

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