Broken Screen Replacement Repair Offered for Apple's 4th Generation iPod touch

The leader in repairs for Apple's iPod touch,, has just announced new digitizer replacement for the fourth generation iPod touch.

San Francisco 11/17/2010 01:36 PM GMT (TransWorldNews), a company that has been providing high-quality repairs for Apple's iPod, iPad, and iPhone for more than five years, has just announced a new screen and LCD replacement product for the new 4th Generation iPod touch.

"As we have been able to do for the first three iPod touch models, we are now able to offer brand new retina screens for Apple's latest incarnation of the popular device.", said Anthony Magnabosco, owner of Milliamp LTD.

Interestingly, the touch screen and LCD have been two separate pieces for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation iPod touch models, making the idea of repair quite reasonable if one or the other part suffered some form of damage. The 4th Generation iPod touch, however, is the first iPod touch where the touch-sensitive digitizer screen is fused to the LCD that shows all the images.

"While this design is great for keeping dust and particulates out from between the two components, it makes for a more expensive repair when either the outer screen breaks or the underlying display fades, cracks, goes dim or bright, since both parts have to be replaced together.", commented Magnabosco.

However, when you consider the cost of a brand new Fourth Generation iPod touch, getting a new screen if the orginal one breaks is a very cost-effective solution.

You can learn more about's screen replacement for Apple's 4th Generation iPod touch on their website.

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