Independent Study: Provides Lowest Prices for Authentic Viagra

Chicago 12/16/2010 03:14 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Many consumers scour the Internet looking for cheap Viagra online. An independent researcher set out to do just that – but for authentic, FDA-approved Viagra only. The study did not include “generic” Viagra because it is illegal in the United States and often contains harmful substances, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Consumers who are looking for “generic” Viagra can easily find thousands of websites most often powered by foreign enterprises that manufacture their medications with under no regulations or oversight. Those consumers take the risk of ingesting unknown substances, with no recourse if the product is ineffective or harmful.

This study was performed for those consumers who seek to find the cheapest authentic Viagra online. The research revealed that there are only a handful of trustworthy websites that facilitate the purchase of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra online.

These websites are listed below, in order from the least expensive to the most expensive. It should be noted that provides cheaper prices than the below websites. However, requires a patient to provide a Viagra prescription before ordering. The below websites do not require an in-hand prescription to order Viagra online. Rather, they contract with U.S. doctors who review a consumer’s health and medical information before deciding to issue a prescription.

1. $239 for 10 tablets
2. eDrugstore.MD: $239 for 10 tablets
3. Atlantic Drugs: $269 for 10 tablets
4. $269 for 10 tablets
5. $279 for 10 tablets

Of the above “online pharmacies,” and have been in operation the longest, for about 12 years. eDrugstore.MD was founded about seven years ago. is the only domain owned outside of the U.S., but its operations are U.S.-based. It has been in business for about four years. RBHealth has been in business about nine years.

This study included calls to each of the above-mentioned websites, and customer service was helpful and friendly. The same could be said for the other websites listed above as well. Orders were also placed at each of the above websites, and authentic Viagra arrived on time within the specified timeframe given by each website.

In summary, research found that provides the best option for those who wish to buy Viagra online, due to the fact it has  cheap Viagra prices as well as the longest history of service. boasts that it has processed more than one million subscriptions to hundreds of thousands of customers since 1998. The website is user friendly and contains an informative blog, health articles, podcasts and more.

Consumers are invited to visit all of the above websites in order to determine which website best suits their needs.


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