Doonesbury Receives Controversy for Sarah Palin Cartoon

Atlanta, GA 10/16/2008 05:29 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Doonesbury, the famed comic strip, received a lot of controversy Wednesday after its remarks about Gov. Sarah Palin in its recent cartoon.

Doonesbury, created by Gary Trudeau, made some comments about the Republican presidential ticket of Sen. John McCain, but focused more on Palin in the cartoon.

"Hey, folks! Have you been wondering why Republicans have suddenly stopping talking about 'family values'?," said Doonesbury. "Could it be because a divorced John McCain chose as his running mate a stay-at-work mom who hid her last unplanned pregnancy… And who has a pregnant, unwed teenager with a self-described '******* redneck' of a boyfriend who "doesn’t want kids"…"

"All of which leaves the GOP clinging to one remaining family value — the shotgun wedding!," added Doonesbury. "All previous values are null and void because 'life happens'!"

Levi Johnston, the boyfriend and father-to-be Bristol Palin's unborn baby, said last week that he intended to marry Palin before he found out that she was pregnant.

To see the full Doonesbury cartoon, please look in the photo gallery.

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