Win a Free Set of Platinum Wedding Rings.

Platinum Guild International and have launced an online marriage-proposal story contest. The winner receives a set of Novell platinum wedding rings.

October 17, 2008 10/17/2008 11:26 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Platinum Guild International (PGI) and engagement and wedding website have partnered to launch a marriage-proposal story contest. Grooms-to-be are invited to share the story of how they popped the question, and entries will be featured on's Marriage Proposal Story Archive. The entrant with the best story will be awarded a pair of platinum wedding rings courtesy of Novell Design Studio.

The Meaning of Platinum
Novell has always emphasized that platinum is the superior metal choice for both men's and women's wedding rings. Yet for each individual, the same metal can also be symbolic of very different things. For her, platinum represents the pure expression of love shared; it is precious, rare and eternal. For him, platinum is a magnificent, distinguished and resilient mineral that separates the man wearing it from those that do not. No other precious metal offers the same level of excellence.

Why Choose Platinum For Your Wedding Rings?
Love lasts a lifetime, and so should your platinum wedding rings. With the inflated costs of nearly everything associated with throwing a proper wedding (the cake, music, ice sculpture, cuisine, etc.), platinum is one of the few items that may actually increase in value as time passes. Your platinum jewelry can potentially become an heirloom, so you can pass it down to future generations. Imagine the face of your child, grandchild or great-grandchild lighting up as they inherit a genuine piece of family history. Feel free to download more information about platinum at

More About Novell
Novell Design Studio prides itself on continually bringing innovation to the wedding ring industry. The company currently specializes in customizing its designs to suit individuals’ particular needs, tastes and diverse lifestyles. Since no consumer should just have to settle for what is on the shelf, Novell can specially manufacturer almost all of their wedding ring styles in many variations – wider, narrower, in different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), with different finishes, and much more. Novell's wedding rings are sold at over 1,000 authorized retailers nationwide. Please visit for the store in your area.


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