Kelsey Grammer wants a quick divorce to Remarry Quickly

Hollywood Florida 12/28/2010 04:52 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

According to Kelsey Grammer has asked the judge to rush his divorce with Camille Grammer in order to marry his current girlfriend.

Kelsey is asking the divorce judge to grant the divorce decree as soon as possible, and would like to handle the financials until a later date.  In legalese, it's called "bifurcation."

Under California law, a divorce can become final 6 months after a petition is filed.  Camille filed on July 1, 2010 ... so if the judge grants Kelsey's request for bifurcation, he can marry Kayte Walsh Saturday, January 1.  Kelsey and Kayte have been engaged for several months.

There were reports Kelsey was trying to keep Camille from grabbing his pension benefits -- but in fact the pension papers are merely a formality which is required when someone files to bifurcate.

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