A Better Alternative Metal for Wedding Rings.

Argentium Sterling Silver has stronger benefits than titanium or tungsten. And it's precious.

November 3, 2008 11/04/2008 03:15 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The November 2008 issue of In Store Magazine features some of the latest products from Novell Design Studio – wedding rings specially created with Argentium Sterling Silver and 18kt gold accents. Argentium Sterling Silver wedding rings are naturally bright, strong, affordable and resistant to tarnish. Novell first introduced this new wedding ring collection at the 2008 JCK Show in Las Vegas, and the products can now be viewed at authorized retailers nationwide.

Why Use Argentium Silver For Wedding Rings?
For the past few years, Novell has been searching for a better choice over the non-precious materials that are being using for some wedding rings today. And for the manufacturer, Argentium Sterling Silver seems to be the answer. Not only are rings fashioned with this metal reasonably priced, but it also has other benefits which make it a stronger selection over tungsten and titanium steel. They are:

• Argentium Sterling Silver stays brilliant and beautiful for years.
• Argentium Sterling Silver is a naturally hard metal, which lends itself to greater strength than regular sterling silver. It is durable and can be considered problem-free by most standards.
• Argentium Sterling Silver is highly tarnish resistant – so its shine is long lasting. There is no need for additional professional polishing or excessive care. Warm water and a mild detergent are all that are required to maintain its appearance. Smudges can easily be removed by using a soft dry cloth only.
• It is a “green” metal – friendly to the environment. Chemicals are not required to correct potential fire scale (or fire stain) damage which sometimes occurs when metals are heated during the manufacturing process.

Video Brochure Available Online
Novell also announces the availability of a new online video brochure for this collection of Argentium Sterling Silver wedding rings. The video’s soundtrack features the instrumental selection “...et Lux Perpetua,” a track from composer Paul Schwartz’s recent album - State of Grace III. From modern pulsing rhythmic tracks to small acoustic ensembles and broadly orchestrated numbers, State of Grace III features a wide range of musical styles. The video can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Customization Sets Novell Apart From All Others
Novell prides itself on continually bringing innovation to the wedding ring industry. The company currently specializes in customizing its designs to suit individuals’ particular needs, tastes and diverse lifestyles. Since no consumer should just have to settle for what is on the shelf, Novell can specially manufacturer almost all of their wedding ring styles in many variations – wider, narrower, in different metals, with different finishes, and much more. Novell wedding rings are sold at over 1,000 authorized jewelry stores nationwide. Visit
Novell’s website to find the authorized retailer in your area.

Learn more about Novell’s latest features and events by visiting Novell News.

More About State of Grace III
Paul Schwartz - one of the world’s leaders in creating eloquently spiritual, modern-classical music that fully integrates elements of both pop and new age - reaffirms his preeminent position with State of Grace III, the latest volume in his series of original-music hymns and anthems.  Schwartz plays piano, conducts a symphonic string orchestra, and uses his studio full of electronics to add color, but only using sounds that are uniquely electronic. Guest artists featured on the album include Lisbeth Scott (The Chronicles of Narnia, Munich, Perfect Murder, Shrek, Kingdom of Heaven, INXS, Peter Davison) and Tony Award-nominee Rebecca Luker (The Sound Of Music, The Secret Garden, Leonard Bernstein), both of whom Schwartz has worked with for many years.  State of Grace III can be purchased at music stores nationwide, online at amazon.com & barnesandnoble.com, and at digital download locations such as iTunes.




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