Missouri Poll Released by Reuters Zogby: Barack Obama 49%, John McCain 49%

Washington D.C. 11/05/2008 02:36 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Here are the latest results from the Missouri poll by Reuters Zogby published on USAElectionPolls.com:

There were 600 voters polled on 10/31-11/3.

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Reuters Zogby
Date: 10/31-11/3
Added: 11/4/08
Barack Obama 49%
John McCain 49%


It is as close as they come here, but Obama's small edge among independents helps keep him in the game. He also leads by 20 points among those who have already voted, and barely leads among women. McCain leads among men, but only by a small margin.

Source: National Polls, Electoral College Results



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