Michigan Poll Released by Mitchell Interactive: Barack Obama 54%, John McCain 38%

Washington D.C. 11/05/2008 02:39 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Here are the latest results from the Michigan poll by Mitchell Interactive published on USAElectionPolls.com:

There were 400 voters polled on 11/3.

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Mitchell Interactive
Date: 11/3
Added: 11/4/08
Barack Obama 54%
John McCain 38%
Unsure 6%
Other 2%


Steve Mitchell was the most accurate media pollster in the last two presidential elections in Michigan. In his final polling in 2000 he had Gore defeating Bush by 5%, identical to the final margin of 5%. In 2004, he had Kerry defeating Bush in Michigan by 2%; the final margin was 3%.

“Obama’s share of the vote stayed the same from our polling last week while McCain dropped 2%. Obama seems to be cruising to victory in a state that was very competitive four years ago. When you combine a charismatic, young Democratic candidate with the worst economic problem in a hundred years --- a problem for which the voters blame the incumbent Republican president --- and add to it a weather forecast calling for summer-like weather, it creates a perfect atmosphere for a huge Democratic victory,” Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Interactive said.

Normally, there is a huge gender gap among voters, with men being strongly Republican and women being strongly Democrats. That gap does not exist this year in the presidential campaign. In fact, Obama is doing equally well with both men (53%-37%) and women (55%-39%).

“Obama and the Democratic Party will have a good night on Tuesday,” Steve Mitchell concluded. “The only thing we don’t know now is the margin of victory.”

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