AP Top 25 College Football Rankings Week 12: Alabama and Texas Tech Remain Top Teams, Top 16 Remain in Place

Atlanta, Ga. 11/17/2008 04:21 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

For at least one week the AP Top 25 college football rankings have managed to remain relatively unchanged as Saturday’s action produced no shocking upsets with the top 16 from one week ago remaining in their same spot for Week 12.


The #1 Alabama Crimson Tide continues to roll towards a showdown with the #3 Florida Gators in the SEC Championship. Alabama had little trouble with Mississippi State and remain on track for a BCS national championship appearance in Miami if they take care of business.


Despite a week off the Texas Tech Red Raiders held firm to their #2 ranking in the Week 12 AP Top 25. For the Red Raiders their dreams of a BCS title will become clearer next week when they travel to take on #5 Oklahoma in a Big 12 South battle with huge implications.


Saturday showcased yet another dominant performance by the #3 Florid Gators as they destroyed then #24 South Carolina. Florida has a national title within reach if they continue to win, their match-up against Alabama in the SEC championship will likely produce one of the teams playing in the BCS title game in January.


They still need some help but the #4 Texas Longhorns haven’t lost hope as they beat up Kansas on Saturday in a Big 12 battle. The Longhorns need Oklahoma to knock off Texas Tech next week to create a three-way tie in the Big 12 South, their only chance to reach the Big 12 championship.


Of course the #5 Oklahoma Sooners aren’t out of the picture just yet either as they could move up in the BCS standings and play for the Big 12 title if they can knock off the undefeated Texas Tech Red Raiders next week.


AP Top 25 College Football Rankings Week 12


1. Alabama (42) 11-0 1,601

 2. Texas Tech (21) 10-0 1,574

 3. Florida (2) 9-1 1,476

 4. Texas 10-1 1,437

 5. Oklahoma 9-1 1,369

 6. USC 9-1 1,310

 7. Penn State 10-1 1,178

 8. Utah 11-0 1,158

 9. Boise State 10-0 1,098

10. Ohio State 9-2 1,017

11. Oklahoma State 9-2 987

12. Missouri 9-2 913

13. Georgia 9-2 864

14. Ball State 10-0 714

15. TCU 9-2 659

16. Brigham Young 10-1 656

17. Michigan State 9-2 612

18. LSU 7-3 526

19. Cincinnati 8-2 413

20. Pittsburgh 7-2 406

21. Oregon State 7-3 389

22. Maryland 7-3 161

23. Miami (FL) 7-3 139

24. Oregon 8-3 126

25. North Carolina 7-3 115




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