Free Pentalobe Screwdriver for Apple’s iPhone 4 Now Available at

iPhone 4 owners can now get a free pentalobe screwdriver from the iPhone repair specialists at

San Antonio 3/01/2011 06:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Owners of Apple's iPhone 4 that have the two unique pentalobular screws in the bottom of the device have nothing to worry about, as the leaders in iPod, iPad, and iPhone repair have just announced a program where anyone can obtain a free pentalobe screwdriver straight from their website at using the following link:



The newer pentalobular screws started showing up in new iPhone 4 devices a few weeks ago, and people that have brought their original iPhone 4 to Apple for service have reported that their originally-installed Phillips-head screws were replaced with the pentalobe screws during service.



"We've been watching the pentalobe screw freak-out for a few weeks now, and we wanted to step up and help folks out, just like we have been doing for owners of Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads for nearly six years now.", said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of



All a person needs to do in order to get a free pentalobular screwdriver from is to head to their website and place an order.  The screwdriver they are giving away for free is a perfect fit for the two pentalobe screws that are at the bottom of newer iPhone 4 models.  There is a modest shipping charge.



Hard core iPhone 4 users can opt to upgrade from the free pentalobe screwdriver to a higher-quality one for an additional fee, but both screwdrivers will work with the pentalobe screws.  In addition to just looking nicer, the upgraded tool has a spinning disk at the base of the handle, which is a useful touch for those planning to use the tool multiple times.



On that same website page, users can even select two original Phillips-head style screws and one Phillips-head screwdriver for just one dollar if they wish to swap out their pentalobe screws for the more traditional screw head style.


"While there are only just a few repairs we would recommend users attempt on their own with iPhone 4, being able to provide folks with the necessary tools to accomplish their repair objectives has been at the core of our business mantra since inception.", continued Magnabosco.



Milliamp has been providing repairs for Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod for years, and has helped thousands and thousands of satisfied customers get up and running again after their devices have stopped working or have been damaged.




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