Off the Clock Work Violates Overtime Law, Employee Rights

New York 3/09/2011 04:32 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Off the clock work is an illegal employment practice which occurs when an employer forces or permits an employee to work before their shift begins or after their shift has ended without paying them for this time. For instance, some employees may arrive early and begin working before their shift officially starts or stay late after clocking out to fix errors. Federal wage and hour law states that this time is considered “work time” and is compensable, as employees must be paid for all time spent working, regardless of whether they are clocked in. If you are working off the clock, you may be able to recover compensation for back wages, as well as unpaid overtime. Visit and complete the free case evaluation form to find out if you have legal recourse for your off the clock work. 

Off the clock work generally refers to any time an employee spends working outside their normal shift hours. For instance, employees who participate in pre-shift roll calls or meetings without pay are working off the clock and may be able to file a claim to recover back wages. Post-shift work time is also considered work time and must be compensated. Examples of compensable post-shift job tasks include the following: staying late to fix errors or complete job tasks which should have been completed during the day’s work; cleaning equipment after the end of a shift; participating in post-shift security bag checks; performing job tasks on the way home (i.e. dropping off mail); changing out of uniforms or safety gear on site; and shutting down computers. Employees who answer e-mails, telephone calls or otherwise perform work at home without being paid may also be said to be working off the clock. 

Employees who are forced or permitted to perform off the clock work have legal rights and may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for their unpaid wages. Even when off the clock work is only performed for minutes a day, it can add up over time, resulting in a substantial amount of lost wages and possibly denied overtime pay for the employee. To find out if you can recover compensation for your off the clock work, visit IQ and complete the free case review form. The overtime lawyers working with the site are providing this online legal consultation at no cost and remain dedicated to protecting the rights of employees who work off the clock.  

About IQ Overtime was established to provide legal help and information for workers who have been denied overtime compensation. Comprehensive resources for workers are available on this site, including informational articles, an overtime calculator, answers to frequently asked questions, and an overview of state overtime laws. If you have been denied overtime pay, get the legal help you need today. Visit and complete the Free Case Evaluation form to have your claim reviewed at no cost.


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