Tiger Woods Thinks He's the Best Golfer in the World

Comeback Golf Player Thinks Highly of Himself

Hollywood, FL 3/18/2011 02:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Some golf fans and analysts have been questioning whether or not Tiger Woods will ever be able to play golf like he used to in the past. When asked by Tom Rinaldi of ESPN's SportsCenter on Wednesday whom he thinks is the best player, Woods virtually admitted that he thought he himself was the best.

But Woods didn't say he was the best outright. He simply responded to the question by asking rhetorically, "When I get my swing dialed in?". Then when asked if he meant that he thought he was the best player, Woods simply nodded.

And even though he has not won a single tournament since Novemeber 2009, the same month that a magazine published a story claiming that Woods had an extramarital affair, Woods claims that he believes he will be able to beat Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 majors. Woods currently has 4.

"That's the goal. That's always been the goal," said Woods. "From before I turned pro until now, that's the goal golfwise."

Woods' next attempt at getting closer to beating Nicklaus' record will come next month, when he will compete in the 2011 Masters.

(Sources: ESPN.com)

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