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Designer kids clothes

USA 3/19/2011 03:31 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Parenting isn’t easy. From the moment they are born up until they are fully grown, raising kids is a full-time job. There are no shortcuts, tips, or special tricks that will make it any easier. Just as with life, the wise parent learns to appreciate the little things. Yes, there will be dirty diapers, late nights, and early mornings. But there will also be precious moments that make everything else seem like a small sacrifice. Most parents take great pleasure in dressing their little bundles of joy in the latest fashions.

Designer baby clothes are one of the fastest growing sectors of the retail clothing industry. Most of the top designers offer full lines of clothing for babies, infants, and children. Gucci and the Burberry Group in particular have focused their attention on this growing market segment in recent years. In fact, children’s wear accounted for 5 percent of Burberry’s total sales in 2009, which almost twice as it was in the previous fiscal year.

And it’s not just Brad and Angelina that are buying! Brand-conscious parents who adore a certain designer are far more likely to buy designer clothes for their kids, no matter how old they are. The global recession has played a role in this. After three years of tight purse strings, Americans parents are finally thinking about spending again. Sales of luxury goods are expected to grow by nearly 10 percent this year, according to industry insiders.

As a result, there has been a sharp increase in the number of baby boutique that has opened in the past few years. Located in Ladue, Missouri, Jilly Bean Boutique sells designer kids clothes in sizes newborn to 14. The store specializes in the latest designer fashions from Europe as well as a few talented designers from the West and East Coast.

The inventory at Jilly Bean Boutique changes every week! Parents should expect to find designer apparel from top luxury brands like Room Seven, Luna Luna Copenhagen, Jean Bourget, Rachel Weissman, Lili Gaufrette, and many, many more. Let us not forget the accessories. The store sells designer diaper bags, baby shoes and booties, and hair accessories. Best of all, they offer their items online. The popular boutique has shipped items to thousands of satisfied online shoppers.


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