Wiz Khalifa’s Album “Rolling Papers” Leaked to the Internet

by Daun Lee

Los Angeles 3/23/2011 04:29 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Rap star Wiz Khalifa’s new album was released to the internet and is available for illegal download; the album isn’t supposed to be available for purchase until next week. The album “Rolling Papers” is appropriately named after the delivery method of his favorite intoxicating substance, marijuana. The Hip Hop artist makes no bones about his love of pot. He also appears on the cover issue of this months ‘Complex’ with other pot aficionado Danny McBride. The two are picture shrouded in pot smoke while they exhale. “Rolling Papers” is Wiz’s debut album on a major label.

Wiz joins the numerous American’s that smoke the illicit drug. Some statics state that close to 40 percent of people in the US smoke marijuana and there has been a push to make the substance legal for recreational use. Marijuana has its many benefits both medicinally and emotionally but driving under its influence is dangerous. Although most DUI convictions are handed out to people after consuming alcohol, many are given to people who drive while high and pot and need DUI attorneys to get them out of trouble.

Marijuana slows a person’s ability to react to a dangerous situation. Alcohol is the leading substance used by impaired driver who must retain a DUI lawyer, but many people also use marijuana and drive. No matter which substance a person prefers, if they are caught driving under the influence of any drug they will require a DUI attorney to represent them in court.



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