NJ Based Web Development and Internet Marketing Agency Launches Club Luichi

Hudson Horizons Launches Club Luichi

Saddle Brook 3/23/2011 08:31 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Top SEO, Web-Development, Website Design and Internet Marketing Agency, Hudson Horizons is very pleased to announce the launch of Club Luichi, an exclusive online network that has eliminated the retail middlemen and changed the way members can purchase goods and services indefinitely.

Hudson Horizons created a content management system (CMS) that will enable employees at Club Luichi to manage, add and edit website content with ease and efficiency. In order to create a simple navigation for users, Hudson Horizons divided the pages of the site into five User Types; Partners, Wholesalers, Service Providers, Manufacturers, and Store Providers. The five categories will allow the client to find exactly what they are looking for when using the website.

Adding to these new features, Hudson Horizons also provided Luichi with eCommerce integration using Authorize.net, for an advanced and organized way to keep track of online purchases. In addition, Hudson Horizons has connected Luichi with IronLinx which offers service order fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services to all eCommerce and small business across the world.

Matt Mayernik VP of Technology at Hudson Horizons discusses the recent work on Luichi website.

"Club Luichi, is in the beginning stages of creating a completely new innovative shopping service for the 21st century. Now that the foundation of the system has been released, we expect the process to expand and progress to offer more for Luichi’s members and affiliates over the next year. We are excited to be a part of the development process with Luichi.com."

Both parties look forward to an ongoing business relationship that will continue to enhance the productivity and growth of Luichi.com.

For information on eCommerce solutions, please contact Hudson Horizons.

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Founded in 2003, Hudson Horizons is a NJ-based Website Design, Development and Internet Marketing Agency specializing in Web 2.0 development, SEO practices and social media. The agency continues to develop innovative products and services in order to give clients comprehensive solutions for bettering business online. Hudson Horizons assists businesses of all sizes in developing enhanced brand awareness through highly sophisticated, customized websites and Internet Marketing campaigns. For more information, visit www.HudsonHorizons.com.

Club Luichi is an exclusive online network. The mission of Club Luichi is to eliminate the retail middleman that usually drives up consumer prices. Luichi’s network is a growing community that wants its members to feel comfortable and receive the individual attention they deserve. Club Luichi cleverly connects people, making life more affordable and more personal. It is the “Club Luichi way!” For more information, visit www.luichi.com



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