Lollapalooza Organizer Perry Ferrell Celebrates his Birthday

by Daun Lee

Chicago 3/30/2011 01:45 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Perry Ferrell front man for legendary rock band Jane’s Addiction is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. Jane’s Addiction made a huge impact on the world of rock back in the day, but this generation may remember him as the organizer of the wildly popular music festival Lollapalooza. The festival was started in 1991 as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction but took off from and is still going strong, and attracts music fans by the thousands with shows in Brazil and in Chicago. The Festival will take place in August and the exact line-up is in the works but may include Eminiem, Soundgarden, Lady Gaga and Arcade Fire, to name a just a few.

Lollapalooza fans will fill the streets to enjoy their favorite music and a few drinks. Music festivals are often synonymous with lots of partying. There should be no doubt that the police will be out in force to prevent intoxicated driving. It’s easy to get carried away when enjoying a huge festival but when the party is over festival goers will have to make their way to their hotels or homes and might just need a DUI attorney if reason is overtaken by alcohol consumption.

A DUI is a serious offence and will be punished rather severely but a DUI lawyer may be capable of helping reduce the penalties. Drinking and having fun isn’t wrong until a person decides to drive. Should a person be caught driving while intoxicated obtaining a DUI attorney is the surest way to defend your freedom.


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