Industrial Accident Thought to Be a Pipe Bomb

By: Daun Lee

Santa Monica 4/08/2011 04:23 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The LA Times reported that a strange industrial accident cause an explosion near a synagogue in Santa Monica. Initial reports claimed it was a pipe bomb leading to rumors of a terrorist attack. Fire Chief Judah Mitchell said he was sure the explosion was caused by an industrial accident. A 300 lb. pipe being stored between two buildings blew up and landed on the guest house located behind the synagogue. Some kind of chemical reaction occurred which blew the pipe into the air where it landed on the roof. No one was hurt by the explosion but the room and adjacent building sustained damage.

Accidents happen all the time and oftentimes only property is damaged for which an accident attorney can work to replace especially if someone was at fault. No fault has been determined in the explosion at the Chabad House.

For the accidents where people sustain injuries, they face many difficulties. In addition to recovering from their injuries accident victims must grapple with mounting debt. This debt is caused by medical bills and lost wages but retaining an accident lawyer can assure just compensation will be awarded. The devastation of an injury is enough for the accident victim to deal with when someone else caused them pain through carelessness; they don’t deserve the extra grief of strained finances. Accident attorneys work for victims of another’s negligence to get them money to pay for their medical expenses.


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