Electronic Cigarettes Website Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Reno 4/18/2011 04:11 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Electronic Cigarettes and Steven Laks are pleased to announce the one year anniversary of the website launch with additional products. The device is a small battery powered smokeless device that delivers nicotine through a mixture of propylene glycol, water and flavorings.

Laks says "We are celebrating Electronic Cigarettes, our website's 1-year anniversary. New products availability is part of the celebration." He continues, "We love what we're doing. We get paid for helping people save money and health."

The device is formed of a cigarette shaped tube that has three compartments: a battery compartment, vaporizing chamber and ingredients chamber. An indicator light shows when the cigarette is ready to deliver an odorless and smokeless fog to the smoker. When the user inhales, an air flow sensor draws liquid from the ingredients chamber and vaporizes it.

The website stocks a variety of refill parts as well as several e-Cigs styles. The ingredient mixture is available in a light or menthol version so the smoker can adjust the nicotine intake.

According to Laks, getting smokers to try the smokeless cigarettes is not an easy task. "Smokers are stubborn. Some won't even take one single drag from an E Cigarette." Part of the website goal has been to educate people on the health advantages of switching to a non-smokeless version of nicotine delivery.

Learn more about the design and benefits of the E Cigarette products by checking out the web pages at http://www.ElectronicCigaretteProducts.com today. Members of the press and others who desire more details about the healthy device can contact Mr. Laks at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Steven Laks

Company Name: Electronic Cigarette Products

Contact Telephone Number: (386) 299-9987

Email: http://www.ElectronicCigaretteProducts.com

Website: ElectronicCigaretteProducts@yahoo.com



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