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Academic Summer Camp Builds Better Family Relationships

San Diego 4/26/2011 10:25 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Among academic summer camps, one summer enrichment program goes beyond the three R's in terms of providing value to students and their parents. SuperCamp, helps build stronger families relationships by teaching campers important communication skills that lead to greater understanding between parents and teens.

These communication skills are a big part of the life skills component of the teen summer camps that SuperCamp runs at nine U.S. colleges throughout the summer. Campers learn such techniques as the four-part apology and OTFD, a method of expressing in a calm, reasonable manner the desired outcome in any situation. These methods create a common ground for interaction between parent and teen and help to diffuse arguments and disagreements.

Parents also receive similar training in the intensive two-day Parent Weekend available to parents of kids who attend SuperCamp. Additional parent support comes in the form of a monthly e-newsletter, videos from SuperCamp facilitators, and guidebooks that are provided to each SuperCamp family.

Another learning component at the summer academic camps that help build relationships at home is the character development training that takes place. Based on the 8 Keys of Excellence, students learn about integrity, speaking with good purpose and flexibility. Each of these traits, modeled by the SuperCamp staff, illustrates to campers how they can work on being reasonable in their interactions with their parents.

SuperCamp leaders have found that the life skills component of the camp's Quantum Learning methods are equally effective with students in middle school, high school, and college. Virtually every camper at SuperCamp benefits in one way or another from the curriculum based on life skills.

At SuperCamp, campers enter a uniquely positive environment. Teens, in particular, in the Senior Forum teen program and our college prep program, Quantum U, feel safe to express themselves, explore who they are, and connect with one another. A big part of this trust factor is the life skills curriculum that they experience during the camp. As a result, the teen life skills acquired by Senior Forum and Quantum U campers have extraordinary and long-lasting value.

More information on SuperCamp is available at SuperCamp.com and by calling 800-285-3276.



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