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Academic Summer Camp Teaches Parents How to Connect with Their Teens

San Diego 5/02/2011 10:30 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

As children grow into and through their teens, it becomes increasingly harder for many parents to maintain a solid rapport and positive relationship with them. For over 30 years, SuperCamp’s academic summer camps have endeavored to offer parents strong tools they may need to support the continued personal growth of their teens after their return from SuperCamp’s accelerated learning program.

SuperCamp has found that there are specific worthwhile elements in building rapport with children:

  1. Know what they like, how they think, and how they feel about what’s happening in their lives.
  2. Imagine what they say to themselves, about themselves.
  3. Know what keeps them from getting what they truly want. If you don’t know, ask.
  4. Speak the truth to them in a way they can hear it and understand it, clearly and gently.
  5. Have fun with them.
  6. Treat them as your equal.

Many of the life skills and beliefs that are taught and practiced at SuperCamp are worth sharing with SuperCamp families. These core beliefs include:

  1. Respect and caring – for ourselves and for others – is vitally important.
  2. Every person is gifted and capable of learning.
  3. There are no failures, only learning experiences through which we gain greater self-understanding.
  4. Positive support, a nurturing environment, and good communication are essential – for learning and for life.

SuperCamp succeeds on the premise of an exceptional staff that goes in-depth with campers age 11 -19 on how to build and maintain strong relationships with friends, family, and on many other life and learning skills that help build grades, confidence and motivation. The academic summer program also offers a unique 3-day parent support camp, called Parent Weekend, at which parents of kids in SuperCamp gain an insight into what their children are learning in their programs and discover a great deal about relationship building within their own family.

Additional information on SuperCamp and enrollment can be found by calling 800-285-3276 and by visiting www.SuperCamp.com.



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