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Prestigious Academic Summer Camp Attracts Teens

San Diego 5/04/2011 10:15 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

SuperCamp, the original academic summer camp, is a 7 to 10-day summer learning program that aims to enable students to build confidence, sharpen learning and life skills, and acquire the tools they need for success. 

In an increasingly competitive world, students need to use whatever edge they can get to gain admission to – and do well at – the schools of their choice and to succeed once they leave school.  Instead of spending all of their summer hours on the beach or in other traditional vacation pastimes, many teens will be taking the time this summer to hone their academic skills and abilities before next school year.

At SuperCamp's summer camp sessions, students do not concentrate on any particular subject matter.  Rather, they learn specific tools that can be applied to any subject, including foreign languages.  Courses include speed reading, test preparation, writing, reading comprehension, communication and memory.

SuperCamp’s teen summer programs, with a 5:1 student-to-staff ratio, offer attention to details and close supervision.  Teaching experts use accelerated learning methods to increase absorption and retention three to ten times over traditional results, according to SuperCamp founder Bobbi DePorter.

The physical environment at SuperCamp is designed to stimulate the senses with the sights, sounds and touch of success.  In the classroom, visuals, music and physical movement enhance teaching, inspiration and review.  Students – no matter what their current academic level – learn self-confidence and motivation.

SuperCamp program sessions are offered throughout the summer on nine prestigious college campuses nationwide, the first starting on June 30th at Stanford University. For more information, visit SuperCamp.com or call 800-285-3276.



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