Famous Smoke Shop debuts "The nub Club"

New cigar samplers include six nub cigars in all three wrapper varieties

Easton, PA 3/07/2009 05:00 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

In an effort to help cigar smokers keep their budgets in the black during this volatile economy, Famous Smoke Shop has created "The nub Club," a new, affordably-priced selection of six-cigar samplers made from the "nub" line of premium cigars.

"Since nub was a contract brand, we honored it by selling them only in our retail store," said Humberto Gonzalez, Famous Smoke Shop's cigar sampler "architect." "Once we were finally able to sell them on our website the question was, 'How can we offer them to cigar smokers who want to try nub without having to buy a whole box?' So, I created four samplers sorted by size. Each pack has six cigars with three pairs of nubs in all three wrappers: Habano, Connecticut and Cameroon."

Introduced last year, nub cigars were created by former Oliva Cigars sales rep turned torcedor, Sam Leccia, who came up with the concept that a cigar finds its "sweet spot" at the 3½ to 4-inch point. nub cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua by Oliva with all-Nicaraguan longfillers and offered in three wrapper choices, each with it's own unique flavor profile. The nub Habano offers a hearty, complex smoke; the nub Connecticut is lighter and creamier, while the nub Cameroon boasts rich notes of sweet cedar and coffee bean. The cigars are rolled to 3¾ and 4-inch lengths with ring gauges that range from 54 to 66. And because they have the same amount of tobacco as a Churchill or a Double Corona, many nub cigars can smoke for up to an hour or more.

Famous nub club samplers are available in the following selections, and range in price from $27 to $34.50 per pack:

The Nub Club '358'
2 Nub Cameroon 358 (3 3/4 x 58)
2 Nub Connecticut 358 (3 3/4 x 58)
2 Nub Habano 358 (3 3/4 x 58) 

The Nub Club '460'
2 Nub Cameroon 460 (4 x 60)
2 Nub Connecticut 460 (4 x 60)
2 Nub Habano 460 (4 x 60)

The Nub Club '464T' (Torpedo sampler)
2 Nub Cameroon 464T (4 x 64)
2 Nub Connecticut 464T (4 x 64)
2 Nub Habano 464T (4 x 64)

The Nub Club '46X'
2 Nub Cameroon 466BPT (4 x 66)
2 Nub Connecticut 460 (4 x 60)
2 Nub Habano 466 (4 x 66)

For more information, visit the "nub club" page at Famous-Smoke.com.

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Famous Smoke Shop is the nation’s leading discount retailer of imported premium handmade cigars, offering one of the largest selections of premium cigars, cigar humidors, and cigar accessories, including a free monthly catalog. Famous-Smoke.com has been awarded BizRate's "Gold Honoree" status for excellence in customer service, product selection, customer satisfaction, and per-dollar value.



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