RushNet, Inc. Urges Sweeping Ginseng Reform Legislation

BLUE ISLAND, Ill 10/26/2005 01:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

RushNet, Inc. (Pink Sheets:RSHN.PK) announced today its staunch support of federal Senate Bill 854 (S-854), "Ginseng Harvest Labeling Act of 2005," introduced by Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate in April. If passed into law, S-854 would require that any person offering ginseng (Panax sp.) for sale in any form shall disclose to the purchaser the ginseng's country of harvest. Heavy fines would apply to violators of this requirement.

Senator Feingold has declared that inferior quality ginseng, grown in Canada or Asia and often contaminated with harmful chemicals and banned pesticides, is intentionally mislabeled as "Wisconsin-grown American ginseng" and sells at top prices.

"Wisconsin ginseng commands a premium price in world markets because it is of the highest quality and because it has a low pesticide and chemical content," said Feingold.

RushNet noted all its ginseng products use only 100% pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) in certified quantities.

Robert Corr, president of RushNet, Inc., stated, "Senator Feingold's recent bill will help to curb the deception and fraud that plagues the ginseng market. In 2002, the senator battled successfully to outlaw the term 'Siberian ginseng.' This term applied to a plant Eleutherococcus senticosus, which isn't ginseng, but a cheap, inferior substitute. Nowadays, ginseng on a label can refer only to genus Panax."

Corr, who has devoted 35 years to the ginseng trade, warned that consumers still require additional levels of protection from ginseng charlatans. "We urge Senator Feingold to introduce additional legislation requiring manufacturers to list ginsenosides content on products purporting to contain ginseng. Ginsenosides are ginseng's signature active ingredients."

Corr said RushNet commissioned laboratory tests of best-selling canned beverages touting ginseng on their labels and in their advertising. Preliminary results showed zero detectable ginsenosides. The results were so astounding that RushNet has commissioned a second independent lab test of these beverages for ginsenosides content.

RushNet Inc. is the licensed marketing agent for Rush Beverage Company products and brand owner of e-water(TM).

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SOURCE: RushNet, Inc.

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