Angelina Jolie Furious at Madonna for Adoption Attempts

Atlanta, GA 5/18/2009 09:18 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Angelina Jolie is allegedly furious at Madonna for the pop star’s attempts to adopt a 3-year-old Malawian girl. Sources say Jolie, who has 3 adopted children and 3 biological children with partner Brad Pitt, feels Madonna is using the adoption as a publicity stunt.

“Angie thinks Madonna is a blatant copycat and that she’s coming from the wrong place. Angie sees what she and Brad do as being about saving a child, but she thinks Madonna does it for publicity,” says an insider.

Madonna’s attempt to adopt a child named Mercy James from Malawi was rejected by the country. She has since appealed the court ruling. Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie adopted a son, David Banda, from the country in 2006.

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