Vitamins for Men – Top Three Vitamins for Every Man

Prograde Nutrition reveals the top three vitamins for men to suit different lifestyles

Lutz, FL 5/26/2009 06:50 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Jayson Hunter of Prograde Nutrition reveals the top three vitamins for men. He believes that men and women are biologically different and hence vitamins for men are different from those for women. Even though the society in general depicts men to be stronger and healthier than women, men still need to take vitamins to remain healthy.


Hunter explains, “Vitamins for men provide the body with the required nutrients for it to function smoothly”. He adds, “Today, life for both men and women can get very hectic with them having to balance work and home at the same time. Vitamins for men give the body the necessary energy and balance to deal with the increasing needs of everyday life”.


Here are Hunter’s top three vitamins for men:


1) Vitamin E – It is a powerful antioxidant and one of the best vitamins for men. It helps to reduce muscle damage after exercise and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.


2) Selenium – One of the top vitamins for men, selenium helps prevent cancer. Studies have proved that men more than women are prone to cancer.


3) Chromium – Look for a multi-vitamin with about 35mcg of chromium. It helps to build lean muscle tissue. It also helps men by protecting them against diabetes, another disease more common in men. Chromium helps prevent diabetes by regulating the insulin levels in our body.


The best vitamins for men should meet their individual nutritional needs and that is why it is important that men know which vitamins are good for them and which are not.


About Prograde Nutrition: Launched in April of 2007, Florida based Prograde Nutrition was created by two fitness professionals concerned with the lack of an ethical dietary supplement company for personal trainers to refer clients to. Prograde does not make its products available in any stores. Instead, customers can only find them online, or through fitness experts they term "Prograde Pros."


The success of the company is largely in part to the faith of the personal training community in the company's founders, Jim Labadie, Ryan Lee, Jayson Hunter and Sammy See.

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