Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) Reveals Project Natal Motion-Sensing Technology

Atlanta, GA 6/02/2009 06:01 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) revealed its motion-sensing technology Project Natal at their E3 Conference on Monday.


Project Natal will be available for all previous, current and future models of the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles. The sensing technology is controller-free and senses motion, sound, and even 3D movement. The company suggested that Project Natal is far more superior to Sony’s Playstation Eye.


Project Natal’s camera uses facial recognition to automatically log-in players, hand movements to scroll through menus, and voice recognition. Steven Spielberg was brought out to discuss the need for a new control configuration in gaming and announced that he is currently designing games for the new Natal system.


The display was capped off when Lionhead Studios and Fable designer Peter Molyneux introduced his avatar Milo, an avatar within the game that interacted with a real person directly as if the person was also in the game. Milo held a real-time conversation with Claire, the female player, by using facial and voice recognition.


The demo allowed for Claire to see her own reflection in a lake in the game, put on goggles that were tossed to her from Milo, and show Milo a picture that he then brought into his game world.


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