Acai Berry Scams Exposed by New Consumer WatchDog Blog

Supplement Secrets Exposed Blog will inform consumers of acai berry scams and other dishonest supplement marketing practices

New York, NY 6/12/2009 09:10 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

The Supplements Secrets Exposed Blog released a new article today warning consumers about various Acai Berry Scams involving fake endorsements from Oprah and Rachael Ray.  Any company claiming to have an Acai Berry product endorsed by Oprah, Dr. Oz or Rachel Ray is simply misleading the public. 


The Acai berry has gained international recognition as one of the highest antioxidant fruits in the world.  Dr. Perricone named the Acai berry as the #1 Superfood on the Oprah Winfrey show.  Acai has been featured on the Today Shows CBS Early Show, Wall Street Jounal and the New York Times.  The Acai berry grows in the Acai Palm trees of the Amazon Rainforest.  The Acai Berry is very high in antioxidants, healthy Omega fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  While other foods and fruits may be high in certain key nutrients, what makes Acai the number one superfood is its complete nutritional profile.


“Once again we are seeing an increase in the number of emails and advertisements that are implying a connection between Oprah, Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray and a specific Acai supplement.   The absolute truth is that Oprah, Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray have never endorsed any specific acai berry supplement” states Bob Peters, Director of Communications for PowerSupplements.Com .  “Consumers need to understand that there are some very dishonest companies out there that will pretty much stop at nothing to get you to buy their ineffective supplements.”


The new Blog – Supplement Secrets Exposed – was created to inform consumers of all the dirty little tricks and secrets used by less reputable supplement manufacturers.  The blog has a whole section dedicated to Acai Berry Scams and how to avoid them. One of their most popular articles is – “Here’s a secret- Oprah Did NOT Endorse Any Acai Product!


Peters concludes, “Our new blog is not making us any friends in the supplement industry – but we are fine with that.  We just want consumers to know what goes on in this industry so they can make informed and educated decisions.”


About Power Supplements, LLC:

Power Supplements, LLC develops nutritional supplements based on science and is the inventor of the Perfect Acai line of supplements.  The Perfect Acai product line has become the standard by which other Acai supplements are judged.  Perfect Acai is made with 100% Freeze Dried Organic Acai – with no fillers, flowing agents, malodextrin or Acai seeds. 

Supplement Secrets Exposed is a new blog from Power Supplements that promises to terrify the supplement industry.  The supplement industry has a lot of dirty little secrets and Supplement Secrets Exposed will reveal them all.

Bob Peters,  Director of Communications

PowerSupplements, LLC



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