Stem Cell Therapy Puts Congestive Heart Failure Patient Back On The Golf Course

Heart Muscle Healed From Patient's Own Adult Stem Cells

West Virginia 6/16/2009 05:55 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

A West Virginia man wants the rest of the United States to know that adult stem cells can help congestive heart failure after his successful stem cell treatment in Thailand allowed him to return to his love of golf and his family.  

 Terry Areford, 62, of Morgantown knew he was dying.  Multiple heart attacks had damaged his heart considerably, leaving him in congestive heart failure.  His ejection fraction was down to 10 %.  He could barely walk 50 feet without being short of breath.  

 However, the weakness in his heart muscle didn’t affect Terry’s will to live.  Terry stated, “I wanted to do everything in my power to see my grandchildren grow up.”

 That is when Terry’s daughter found Vescell, a stem cell therapy company that treats heart attack victims, congestive heart failure patients and coronary artery disease patients with stem cells taken from the patient’s own blood.

 Terry contacted Vescell and made the arrangements to come to Bangkok, Thailand.  Terry was a little worried before his arrival in Bangkok.  However, Terry says “Once I got there, everything was taken care of.  The hospital was amazing, it was so clean and spotless! Also, the doctors took great care of me.”

 On July 7, 2007, Terry had his own Adult Stem Cells implanted into his heart in a minimally invasive procedure to repair damaged heart muscle and create new blood vessels to feed the heart more blood.

 Since the therapy, Terry has seen his quality of life skyrocket.  His ejection fraction before the stem cell treatment was 10%.  These days, his ejection fraction is 45%.

 Terry is now a total believer in Vescell stem cell therapy and wants the public to know that there is still hope for patients who have had a heart attack or are in congestive heart failure. 

 It is difficult to reach Terry because he is out on the golf course 3 times per week, outdoors chopping firewood, or playing basketball with his grandkids.  However, you can try to reach him at 304-594-9377.  If he doesn’t answer, please leave a message and Terry promises he will get back to you to tell you about the  amazing improvement in his quality of life.  Or, you may email him at

If you’d like to know more about VesCell adult stem cell therapy to address your heart disease or late-stage peripheral arterial disease , please email or dial 1-888-410-0902 or provide your contact information on the following form


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