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St. Petersburg 2/29/2012 07:43 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Bingham’s Professional Pest Management has been helping people get the pests out of their homes and offices for over 40 years. Bingham’s is a family owned and operated company that serves residential and commercial properties throughout Central Florida.  Call Bingham’s today and schedule a free, no-obligation inspection for your home or office today. Bingham’s will send someone out the same day you call.

Bingham’s Professional Pest Management specializes in Systematic Pest Elimination.  Because Bingham’s understands that pests in Florida can vary greatly in size and quantity, they recognize the need to approach pest control systematically to get pests off of your property and keep them out. Bingham’s skilled technicians will choose the most effective and efficient way to eliminate pests from your building so you can live and work in a pest free environment.

With treatments and plans for any size building and budget, Bingham’s will work with you to get the pests out of your home. Basic services include fumigation, inspection, rodent removal, and pest control.

Let Bingham’s team of highly trained technicians take out the creepy crawlies and pesky critters so you can enjoy your home and office without pests. Call today for a free inspection.

Bingham's Professional Pest Management

1020 49th Street S.

St. Petersburg, FL 33707

(727) 323-8866 or (727) 525-7292


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