Are Investment Decisions Trade Secrets?

Do Government Requirements for Portfolio Managers to Disclose their Investments Violate Trade Secrets?

Princeton, N.J. 10/31/2006 01:48 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

PRINCETON, N.J. -- IncreMental Advantage announced today that it has released a recording of a conference call which took place last week. The conference call discussed whether hedge funds’ trading strategies are trade secrets, as Phillip Goldstein of Bulldog Investments claims.  Also present on the call were Jay Gould and Susan Koch of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP as well as Steve Howard of Thacher Profitt & Wood LLPThe call was moderated by Justin Meyer, senior research analyst at IncreMental Advantage.


“We raised a lot of really good issues,” said Mr. Meyer. “We touched on topics such as the question of whether the 13-F filing requests are unconstitutional; what makes for a trade secret; and even what fair market value might be. The listener is going to take a lot out of this, both on the theoretical side and the practical side.” 


The panel, made up of two securities attorneys and one intellectual property lawyer examined the reasoning for the filing rule as well as what purpose it might serve. “We didn’t arrive at any definitive conclusions,” said Meyer. “Instead, I think we opened up the conversation for much wider debate.”


This and other topics related to hedge funds will be discussed at IncreMental Advantage’s November 14th Hedge Fund Due Diligence Conference in New York City, where Phillip Goldstein will be appearing.  The IP side will be discussed on January 16th and 17th during IncreMental Advantage’s Intellectual Property conference.


The call is available for purchase by calling IncreMental Advantage at 609-919-1895 x100. The cost is $95. For more information about registering for the conferences, please contact Neomi Barazani at


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