Johnny Depp Connects with Casablanca, Opts for Moroccan Themed Trailer

Monroe, Ga. 12/07/2006 04:24 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Johnny Depp has apparently been taking advice from his Jack Sparrow inspiration and going Moroccan. Depp has openly said that he his character from "Pirates of the Caribbean" was influenced by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. It seems now Depp has taken the axe grinder’s interior design preferences and implemented them in his movie set trailer.

Depp is currently filming “Sweeney Todd” in London and requested that his trailer be adorned with Moroccan accoutrements. Among the $27,000 upgrades to his North African themed trailer, scented candles, shish pipes, and drapes.

It has been rumored that Depp was to rent a particular home in London while shooting the Tim Burton directed film. That went awry when it was discovered Vince Vaughn had already rented the pad. Vaughn, who recently parted ways from Jennifer Aniston, is currently filming “Fred Clause” at Pinewood Studios, the same Pinewood Studios that is shooting “Sweeney Todd”.

The 43-year-old Depp will be joined by Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter in the Broadway musical adaptation of “Sweeney Todd”.


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