Consumer Alert: CBC MarketPlace Reports on Goji Juice

Shocking Report Revealed on National Television

Vancouver, BC, Canada 2/03/2007 11:47 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

CBC MarketPlace, a television program that protects consumers against untrue claims made about products, recently broadcast a consumer alert on a product known as "Himalayan Goji Juice".

In this amazing television special, CBC MarketPlace conducted actual lab tests on the Himalayan Goji Juice and discovered that the juice was in fact not really different than any other juice and that it certainly wouldn't make a person any healthier than if they drank Cranberry Juice, or any other juice for that matter.  "The program revealed that  Dr. Mindell's claims about the Himalayan Goji Juice were false, thus issuing what many would say would be a Consumer Alert about the product and its false claims." To see this broadcast now visit

In this amazing Consumer Alert, CBC MarketPlace reveals the actual lab test results on what many were lead to believe would be the magic cure for their ailments, including cancer. Unfortunately the CBC MarketPlace lab tests proved that this juice really has no better healing powers than any other juice one might buy in the grocery store. To view this report visit

CBC MarketPlace proved that Dr. Mindell's claims were in fact not true and could not be supported by lab tests of his Himalyan Goji Juice. To view this amazing  special click here

Lab tests revealed that the "powerful ingredients" Mindell claimed were in the Goji Juice were not even in it and that these ingredients were in the raw Goji Berry and were not in the Goji Juice itself, marketed as "Himalayan Goji Juice".

The program reported numerous untrue statements made by Dr. Howard Mindell and about Himalayan Goji Juice.  Himalayan Goji Juice is sold for almost $50 per bottle and is being marketed as a cure for a variety of ailments and terminal diseases, including cancer. After taking the juice back to the lab, CBC MarketPlace reported that the Himalyan Goji Juice was really no different than Cranberry Juice or any other juice. To see the program now click here

Hidden cameras were placed inside a number of the FreeLife business presentations and corporate rally's and CBC MarketPlace revealed that numerous untru claims were made by Dr. Mindell and Freelife Distributors as to the healing powers of the Himalayan Goji Juice. Lab tests proved the juice to no different than any other juice. To see this amazing program now visit

"CBC MarketPlace is a program that makes every effort to broadcast what they call consumer alerts on products and companies that are making untrue claims and giving innocent people false hopes of being cured or healed from their ailments". To view the program now click here


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