The book “Lead with Love” by Gerry Czarnecki is being fully released through Social Media, one chapter at a time!

Sharing the Love-- Before the Book Release...

Fort Lauderdale, FL 10/20/2009 03:06 AM GMT (TransWorldNews)

While our society is going through a cultural metamorphosis and leadership is critical to our way of life, Gerry Czarnecki is releasing his pre-published book “Lead with Love” through the different social media sites for all to read.

The controversial book, due to be published in April of 2010, is currently being Tweeted on Twitter almost line by line and streamed through Facebook and LinkedIn status feeds and discussion boards. Full blogging of the chapters are featured on the Lead with Love blog and “lenses” are being built on Squidoo Viral videos of the author reading the book including comments are due to start next month through YouTube and other video postings sites.  The book is scheduled to be fully released through the various social media platforms by publish date (April 6, 2010).

“This is the first time, as far as I know, that an author is committing to such a public viral release. A book release through Twitter has been done before and e-book teasers are now a common practice for authors, though this is the first time, I think a book is being fully published through the various mega social sites, all at once” says Rick Frishman, bestselling author and speaker, as well as book publisher for Morgan James Publishing.

In the book Gerry brings up the controversial concept of how leaders must love the people who work for them. He discusses Agape love – loving your associates as human beings who has potential, and how it is a leader’s responsibility to help their employees achieve their full potential in order to achieve peak performance. He also challenges the ones who are being lead, to demand to be lead with love for the sake of being a top performer and maximize their potential.

He addresses the difference between liking associates and loving them: “liking can hurt your mission as your bias for them or against them; loving them makes you care about them as human beings” as he explains. He defines the fine line between those two emotions while making a statement of clear differentiation.

“The concept of love or admitting to love in the workplace is something that many leaders find hard to accept. Many leaders are out for performance at all cost, and do not care about the human beings that work for them” says Gerry. He claims that “achieving performance and excellence are an obvious responsibility that we have as leaders, but a leader cannot achieve it without having the people who work for them do it.”

“Releasing a book online might spoil the surprise to some, but it is important for me to put the message out there and make a difference. More then I want people to buy the book-- I want them to get the message, adopt it and share it” adds Czarnecki.


About Gerry Czarnecki

Gerry Czarnecki is the co-founder of The National Leadership Institute (NLI), Chairman of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Florida Chapter, President & CEO of O2 Media,  and the Chairman, CEO of The Deltennium Group, nationally recognized for offering leadership consulting, career coaching, financial planning and investment management services.

He has been a C level and senior executive in Fortune 100 companies (like IBM and Bank of America), privately held companies, closely held public companies and large and small non-profits for over 40 years, and he is the author of the books: “Success Principles for Leaders”, “You’re in Charge…what now?”, “You’re a non-profit director…what now?” and “Lead with Love”, due to publish April 2010.


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