Pageflakes Launches the Ultimate Collection of Universal Video Widgets

Easily Create Shared “Mashup” Pages with the Freshest Videos from the Web

San Francisco 3/07/2007 09:00 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Pageflakes Ltd. (, the community-driven personalized homepage, today announced the launch of the most comprehensive collection of universal video widgets available. These video Flakes – small, movable versions of all of your favorite video sites that you can arrange on your personal homepage – are now available to search and display videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Revver, Metacafe, Daily Motion, Grouper, and others, including broadcast network sites. Pageflakes’ video Flake collection allows anyone to easily create customized web pages, within seconds, that display continuously updated videos from virtually all sources and can easily be shared publicly or with friends. Video Flakes can also be combined on your Pageflakes personalized homepage with thousands of other Flakes for photos, music, podcasts and more for a truly customized "mashup" experience. Like all Pageflakes Flakes, universal Flake portability lets you put the new video Flakes on virtually any other web page.

The most powerful new video Flake is the Pageflakes Universal Video Search Flake. By simply typing in a subject or keyword into the Flake’s search box, the Flake will instantly find and display matching videos from nearly all Internet video websites. The resulting videos are featured in an innovative checkerboard display of thumbnail images, allowing you to quickly choose, click and play the video you want to watch. New matches are automatically and continuously updated right in the Flake, displaying fresh new videos every time you view or visit your page.

Pageflakes is also introducing several new video Flakes for video sites including Google Video, Revver, Metacafe, and Daily Motion. These Flakes allow you to focus your video search on your favorite individual site, similar to the previously available YouTube Flake, and watch these videos right on your Pageflakes personalized homepage.

"The Pageflakes community of users is passionate about personalizing their homepages with videos. Now everyone can add, search and watch the largest collection of videos on the web, all on their Pageflakes page," said Dan Cohen, CEO of Pageflakes. "It’s never been easier to create a personal homepage that features videos from all over the web - even if you’re new to Pageflakes. Combined with the thousands of other available Flakes, the possibilities for personalized video pages are truly endless. You can even share your video ‘mashup masterpiece’ with your friends."

Community Resources

To see examples of creative video "mashup" pages using the new video Flakes, created by members of the Pageflakes community, please visit the following public shared pages:

Movie Buff:
Dallas Mavericks Fan:
Paris Hilton Fan:

A Pageflakes Video Mashup "template" is available in the Pageflakes community gallery. This template allows you to instantly create your own Pageflakes page that contains all of the video Flakes announced today. To access the template, please visit:

To see all of the video Flakes announced today in the Pageflakes Flake gallery, visit:

About Pageflakes

Pageflakes, the community-driven personalized homepage, is revolutionizing how we how we start with and use the Internet. At, you can easily customize the Internet and make it yours using ‘"Flakes" – small, movable versions of all of your Web favorites that you can arrange on your personal homepage. Flakes are available for thousands of uses and interests, including news, sports, e-mail, local events, search, photos, music, videos – even interactive tools like a calendar and a to-do list – and just about anything else you do on the Web at school, work and at home. The Pageflakes community of users create and help each other discover more new flakes and share more new Pageflakes pages every day.

Pageflakes was founded in Germany in 2006 and is funded by Benchmark Capital.


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