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Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight NationalHealthcare Technology Inc. DBA Brighton Oil (NHCT) as "One To Watch" (NHCT) previously at $0.38 up 2% at $0.39 with 652,072 shares traded

Brighton Oil announced late yesterday that the company has received final approval from the majority shareholders to change the name from National Healthcare Technology Inc. to Brighton Oil Inc.
Brighton Oil announced last October that acquire three new drilling rigs for a purchase price of $3.6 million. The company also announced last year that they received final approval from Exxon on the development plan associated with the project and operations in the South Liberty County Oil Lease. The company also has announced the closing of several purchases of oil and gas leases, and the execution of several additional leases which will be closing in the next week. The company is now positioned to grow substantially
Brighton Oil is an oil and gas company with a focus on gulf coast oil and gas prospects and properties. Brighton is careful to develop a thorough drilling plan using advanced technologies in both mapping and the use of 3D seismic reports and information. Brighton Oil plans to focus its efforts on the acquisition, development and exploration of oil and gas properties which have a high likelihood of developing proven oil and gas returns.


This week we will be highlighting companies who will be attending the ValueRich Small-Cap Financial Expo Miami 2007 which will be held on March 27, 2007 - Mar 28, 2007 The Expo is a venue for small public companies to highlight their prospects for investment bankers and other potential investors.

EMRISE CORPORATION (ERI) previously at $1.10 up 4% at $1.15 with 44,600 shares traded.
EMRISE CORPORATION through its subsidiary, Pascall Electronics Ltd., announced this month that they have received orders worth in excess of $1.9 million for its range of multimedia In-Flight-Entertainment and Communications products
EMRISE CORPORATION today announced the launch of the StarClock(TM) TiemPo(TM) 6400 timing and synchronization system at the CeBIT European tradeshow for digital IT and telecommunications solutions.
EMRISE Corporation is a multi-national manufacturer of defense, aerospace and industrial electronic devices and communications equipment. They offer a range of electronic components, such as digital and rotary switches, custom and standard electronic power supplies, RF components, and subsystem assemblies.

EnXnet, Inc. (EXNT) previously at $0.80 up 11% at $0.89 with 13,026 shares traded.
EnXnet, Inc. announced last month that their sales firm, Duplium Corporation, has received two orders for EnXnet's OneDisk/DVDPlus product. The OneDisk/DVDPlus product is a double sided disk with a DVD on one disc and a CD on the other.
Enxnet, Inc. engages in development, marketing, and licensing of technologies, and business strategies. The company offers its OneDisk/DVDPlus product and they also offer the Disc Security Tag, which utilizes electronic article surveillance tags embedded into a DVD or CD.

Ener1, Inc. (ENEI) closed today at $0.23 with 17,300 shares traded.

Ener1, Inc. announced this month that its EnerDel subsidiary will be making a technical presentation on lithium ion battery development at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Ener1, Inc. in Long Beach, California May 15 - 18 this year. The company also announced this month that it delivered lithium ion battery cells for the next phase of testing by an independent laboratory. The company stated that it "expects that the performance of these cells will further improve on the results that were recently announced in February."
Ener1, Inc. is an alternative energy technology company engaging in the development of lithium ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles. Ener1, Inc through strategic partnerships with Delphi, ITOCHU and EnerStruct they develop commercial fuel cell products and nanotechnology-based materials for use in batteries.

Epicus Communications Group, Inc. (EPCG) closed today at $0.0034 with 10,000 shares traded.

Epicus Communications Group, Inc. announced this month through its subsidiary, ECG On The Net, LLC (ECGOTN) they have launched FreedomOTN Business Unlimited and FreedomOTN Residential Unlimited packages.
FreedomOTN Unlimited packages provide unlimited, local and long distance VoIP services to residential and small-to-medium sized business customers.
ECG On The Net, LLC offers voice telecommunications, local and long distance services as well as well as a full suite of voice telecommunication services over the Internet for residential and small business customers
Epicus Communications Group, Inc operates as a telecommunications company that providing local and long distance services in 7 southeastern states.

FACT Corporation (FCTOA) closed today at $0.63 with 2,800 shares traded.

FACT Corporation announced today that commercial testing is underway for "All Natural" brownie and blondie formats. FACT's new all-natural formats for brownies, cookies and muffins retain the high-fiber and calorie-control attributes.
FACT Corporation subsidiary, Food & Culinary Technology Group Inc. develops and markets customized nutrition solutions created specifically for the baked-goods industry.

Today Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained MedicalCV, Inc. (MCVI) previously at $2.30 up 63% at $3.75 with 65,821 shares traded. (MCVI) was highlighted today in The Knobias Clip Report and OTC Stock Exchange.

MedicalCV, Inc. announced yesterday that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its SOLAR(TM) Surgical Ablation System. Surgical ablation systems are utilized to create precise lesions, or scars, on soft and cardiac tissues. The System has been utilized in open-heart procedures and, by some cardiothoracic surgeons, in minimally invasive cardiac surgery procedures.
MedicalCV, Inc. offers healthcare technology for cardiac tissue ablation procedures in open-heart surgery.

Premiere Publishing Group, Inc. (PPBL) previously at $0.30 up 36% at $0.41 with 100,350 shares traded. (PPBL) was highlighted today by Willy Wizard and Micro Cap Alliance.

Premiere Publishing Group, Inc. this month announced an extension of its Letter of Intent for the development of a Trump-themed animation pilot by Donald J. Trump. Premiere Publishing Group, Inc. also announced in late January the launch of British Poker Life Magazine. Premiere Publishing Group, Inc. also announced in January that Trump Magazine secured over $900,000 in advertising contracts for 2007, an increase of over 30% from last year at this time. Micro Cap Alliance stated today that "PPBL on the move today. This is one of Donald Trump's recent ventures and so far the Company's operations look to be doing fairly well. However, the stock has been trending down over the last several months until recently with this nice breakout."
Premiere Publishing Group, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries Sobe Life, LLC publisher of Trump Magazine and Poker Life Magazine, LLC publishes Trump Magazine and Poker Life Magazine.

Global Beverage Solutions, Inc. (GBVS) previously at $0.24 up 29% at $0.31 with 1,955,854 shares traded. (GBVS) was highlighted today and this month by

Global Beverage Solutions, Inc. portfolio company Rudy Beverage, Inc. announced this month that all New Age Beverage Distributors servicing King Soopers, a Kroger Company grocery store chain, in the state of Colorado have agreed to carry Rudy Beverage's 32-ounce Rudy Revolution. "Rudy" Ruettiger, University of Notre Dame football legend and cofounder of Rudy Beverage, Inc., will make special guest appearances to promote the Colorado rollout. Rudy Revolution is marketed as a healthy alternative sports drink formulated with the sugar supplement natural sweetener Xylitol.
Global Beverage Solutions, Inc. invests in a portfolio of companies that primarily engage in manufacturing, distributing, and selling beverages worldwide. Its portfolio companies include EON Beverage Group, Inc. and Rudy Beverage, Inc.

Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RHGP) previously at $2.75 up 27% at $3.50 with 55,097 shares traded. (RHGP) was highlighted today by The Subway

Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that revenues for the three months ended January 31, 2007; the Company generated a record quarterly net income of $5.50 million. This is a 35% increase over the total net income of $4.23 million for the entire six month period ending October 31, 2006 The results were driven by sales expansion, seasonal strength, and better product mix with more sales of higher margin products. They also announced that their Net profit margin reached 52%, a record high for the Company
Renhuang Pharmaceuticals, Inc. also announced this month that the company has completed the transaction to acquire the Qingyang Herbal Extracting Factory from Yerui Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The acquired facility is capable of processing approximately 18,000 tons of herbal raw materials into extracts, doubling the Company's current herbal extraction capacity.

Global Realty Development Corporation (GRLY) previously at 0.41 up 21% at $0.50 with 5735 shares traded. (GRLY) was highlighted today by Wall Street Resources.

TFM Group, a subsidiary of Global Realty Development Corporation announced late last month that they will offer the newest music reality show to span two continents - the "Battle Of The Americas." "With the success of both 'American Idol' and 'Rockstar' - 'Battle of the Americas' will bring entertainment to the next level," said Roy Sciacca, President of TMF Group.
TMF Group specializes in all aspects of entertainment, including Television, Film, Music, World Tours, Major Events and Home Video/DVD.
Global Realty Development Corp. an international land development company operating through various real estate development subsidiaries. Global acquired MJD Films and the majority interest in the TFM Group and is focused on pursuing opportunities in the entertainment and gaming industry.

Chilco River Holdings Inc. (CRVH) previously at $0.68 up 20% at $0.82 with 210,341 shares traded. (CRVH) was highlighted today by and Inside Move and this month by Stock Profilers,, and Inside Move

Chilco River Holdings Inc. announced this month that they have reached an agreement in principal to secure the necessary funding to complete the renovation of its successful Bruce Hotel and Casino located in Lima, Peru. Before its closing for renovations, the casino was thriving, with revenues in excess of $10,000,000 and profits in excess of $4,000,000. and Inside Move stated today that "CRVH is holding steady today after two big days of gains. I believe the third leg up will be fast and long. CRVH has two major things going on right now, the renovation of their Peru hotel which is a hot spot for Chinese gamblers, and their revolutionary slot machine which is about half as thin as standard machines. If Vegas starts to use these machines they would be able to place twice as many machines in the same spot.
Watch CRVH carefully I believe the price could go through the roof!!! I don't think we will see CRVH at these levels for much longer."
Chilco River Holdings Inc. is a diversified, Peruvian-based, U.S. listed gaming company. Chilco owns and operates Lima's Bruce Hotel and Casino, the second largest casino in Peru, one of only seven licensed casinos in the country.

The QualityStocks Public Company Sponsor Corner 

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Solar EnerTech Corp. (SOEN) previously at $1.34 up 0.75% at $1.35 on another big volume day with 890,460 shares traded.

Solar EnerTech Corp. announced this month that it has signed an interim sales agreement worth a total of $8 million for the sale of 2Mw of solar cells and modules with Shanghai Very Sun Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Very Sun")

Solar EnerTech Corp. announced today the completion of a private placement with Institutional Investors for $8.3 million. The financing was prompted by increased demand for the Company's solar cell products, The funds will aid in the purchase of silicon feedstock to fulfill recent purchase orders. Additional uses will include the purchase of equipment for the Company's second 25Mw production line.

Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, the Company has also established a marketing, purchasing and distribution arm in Northern California's Silicon Valley. The company plans to invest in PV cell research to develop cells to use in its manufacturing processes. They have also taken major steps toward establishing a leadership role in solar technology research and development. Disclaimer

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Novori Inc. (NOVO) as "One To Watch" (NOVO) at $0.84 with 29,500 shares traded.

Novori announced last month that they have captured the first place position for e-commerce sales growth in the USA, rising from the third fastest growth industry in 2006. The principal component propelling online jewelry sales growth rate is diamond rings, engagement rings and other high-ticket items.

Novori is a leading online interactive retailer of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry. Novori launched their website in 2005 and has built a well-respected brand by providing consumers with superior customer service and a better way to buy diamond engagement rings. Novori hit huge sales growth in its second year, with 2006 revenues exceeding 2005 by 2,374%. Due to strong holiday sales, online jewelry rose from the third fastest to become the # 1 fastest growing online industry for 2007 according to Comdex published statistics. Disclaimer

 The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight B2Digital, Inc. (BTOD) closed today at 0.66 with 159,238 shares traded. (BTOD) was highlighted this month by Twin Trader and OTC Picks and this month by Penny Stock Solutions, Twin Trader and Beacon Equity Research

B2Digital, Inc. announced today it has completed the purchase of five cable franchises from Eagle West Communications, Inc., an Arizona-based cable service provider.

B2Digital, Inc. announced this month the unveiling of its revamped corporate website at B2Digital, Inc. who was recently rated a "Speculative Buy" with a target price of $1.20 by Beacon Equity Research Analyst, Lisa Springer, CFA. The report states ""B2Digital provides in-room, on-demand video entertainment and satellite services to the lodging industry. In addition to offering video entertainment, B2Digital also provides Internet access with greater bandwidth that further enhances in-room services. Customers can make airline reservations, order pizza, purchase event tickets and arrange transportation using the same network that delivers in-room entertainment such as Hollywood movies, sports events and concerts."

B2Digital is a leading innovator in the delivery of digital content. B2Digital is actively designing new technologies to be integrated into existing content delivery platforms for small to medium-sized cable television companies. Disclaimer

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