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In the next few weeks The Daily Newsletter will be profiling some of the companies that will be presenting at the RedChip Small-Cap Investor Conference in San Francisco , California on May 29-30, 2007


The RedChip Small-Cap Investor Conference is a chance to take advantage of networking opportunities with top executives and investment professionals in the small-cap industry. As well as a way too to hear up-and-coming small-cap companies present their stories representing the following industries: Homeland Security, VOIP, Business Services, Consumer Services, Alternative Energy, Computer Hardware, Natural Resources and others. Enjoy one-on-one opportunities with CEOs and executives.

IntegraMed America, Inc. (INMD) closed today at 13.97 with 33,383 shares traded. (INMD) was highlighted this month in the Knobias Clip Report

IntegraMed America, Inc. This month announced a Partner Service arrangement with the GBMC Fertility Center in Baltimore, Maryland to provide a full range of business, marketing and facility services.
IntegraMed America, Inc. provides business services to a national network of 30 fertility centers in 86 locations across the United States. The company also distributes pharmaceutical products and treatment financing programs directly to consumers as well as owners and operaters of the Web site, a leading fertility portal.

Tank Sports (TNSP) previously at $0.60 up 6% at $0.64 with 3,350 shares traded. (TNSP) has been covered this month by Wall Street Grapevine

Tank Sports announced this month that the company was approved for a ten million dollar line of credit through Dutchess Private Equity Fund, LLC by the SEC. Tank Sports stated that this fund will be a ``Special Reserve Fund'' used as a security fund guaranteeing the implementation of company's business goals. Wall Street Grapevine has been excited by this stock, this month they stated "TNSP is one I'm looking for bids to come up on. I finally had a chance to see thier product in person yesterday, as I found out a scooter shop down the street from my house carried some of thier products." Wall Street Grapevine also stated on Tuesday "TNSP is at a pivotal point today, I believe we'll see the bid come up; but if it falls radar for a bottom because this one bounces quickly."
Tank Sports is a leading company that develops, engineers, and markets high performance on-road motorcycles and scooters, as well as off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes and Go Karts through OEMs in China.

IT Group Holdings Inc. (ITGL) closed today at $0.30 with 98,679 shares traded. (ITGL) has been highlighted this month by Red Chip

IT Group Holdings Inc. announced today they have recently signed four more new contracts with active Resellers (Service Providers) in the UK for its wholesale line rental and telephone call minutes. These contracts represent a mixed base of revenues of approximately 60% from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and approximately 40% from residential consumers.
IT Group Holdings Inc. operates as a leading global provider of telecommunications services. (ITGL) has established itself as a fast expanding wholesale carrier-operator supplying service providers and businesses with low cost telecommunications lines as well as competitive and high quality telephone call services.

Empire Financial Holding Company (EFH) closed today at $2.45 with 300 shares traded

Empire Financial Holding Company announced this month that it has closed its previously pending private placement to accredited individual and institutional investors. At closing the private placement is worth $7,282,434 Empire also reported this month that financial results for the year ended December 31, 2006. Income from operations was up 59% at $489,938 compared to $112,349 in 2005.
Empire Financial Holding Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries provides full-service brokerage and investment banking services through its network of employee and independently owned and operated offices. The companies market-making and trading division, offers securities order execution services for unaffiliated broker dealers and makes markets in domestic and international securities. Empire Financial also provides fee based investment advisory and registered investment advisor custodial services through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Empire Investment Advisors, Inc., and Jesup & Lamont Securities Corporation.

Osteologix Inc. (OLGX) closed today at $0.98 with 200 shares traded. (OLGX) was highlighted this month by Knobias Clip Report

Osteologix Inc. announced this month that it has completed enrollment in the Strong Study its phase II clinical trial of NB S101, the company's investigational drug for osteoporosis. The study will focus on the enrolled 289 postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density, the primary endpoint in the trial is the change in patients' bone resorption after the completion of the 12 week trial.
Osteologix develops proprietary therapeutics for the treatment of important unmet medical needs in bone disease and women's health. Osteologix is developing NB S101, a once daily tablet containing strontium malonate as its active ingredient, as a treatment for osteoporosis.

Now for some of todays big movers...

Electronic Kourseware International
(EKII) previously at $0.065 up 61% at $0.105 with 1,041,100 shares traded. (EKII) was highlighted todaby by

Electronic Kourseware International announced today the company has updated, improved and re-launched its homeschool product line. The homeschool products are under the brand name ``Science Labs-in-a-Box and have received an endorsed by Practical Homeschooling Magazine. The prepackaged lab programs are sent straight to one's home and are designed for elementary students up to high school students.
Electronic Kourseware International, the parent company of offers hundreds of the best science kits and lab products brands at extremely competitive prices.

Vision Digital Multimedia Corporation (CCRC) previously at $0.20 up 50% at $0.30 with 57,500 shares traded. (CCRC) was highlighted today by OTC Reporter and this month by Wise Alerts, GMCR, OTC Reporter, OTC Picks and Stock

Vision Digital Multimedia Corporation announced this month that it has completed the acquisition of Clinicares Co. Ltd. and has changed its name to Clinicares, Inc. The company's primary focus and product line is Clinicares Treatment Solutions (CTS) The companies product lines are aimed at replacing dermabrasion, chemical and laser resurfacing as a new drug delivery system with the microneedle-roller for clinical and consumer use. Clinicares Micro Roller (CMR) is a new companion in the multi billion-dollar anti-aging industry. It is a non-intrusive alternative to laser dermabrasion and is lauded to be more effective, significantly less expensive and safer than laser dermabrasion. It is also a refreshing alternative to Botox treatment. (GMCR) stated yesterday "Up in moderate trading this morning. We are watching for a dramatic upturn in trading volume accompanied by price action. This deal is quite dry in our opinion and will move once the volume starts. Could happen once the news cycle catches up in a matter of a few days."

Through the acquisition of Clinicares Co. Ltd., VDGM opertates as a Biotech development stage company involved in R&D, Manufacturing, Distribution and Marketing of its proprietary products in the anti-aging, cosmeceutical, and beauty aid fields with both branded and private label activities. (MBKR) has been on almost everyones radar this week (MBKR) previously at $1.21 up 48% at $1.80 with 4,219,073 shares traded. (MBKR) was highlighted today by Twin Trader, The Capital Report, The Bull Report,, Small Cap Voice, OTC Stock Exchange, OTC Picks, Bull in Advantage, Boon Market, Beacon Equity Research, and this month by Small Cap Voice. announced today that the company has been rated "Outperform" with a target price of $4.06 by Beacon Equity Research Analyst, Victor Sula, Ph.D. The company also announced this month that “ The Canadian Housing Market Remains Strong” is dedicated to re-branding the over 40,000 small and medium mortgage broker (SME) firms in North America and offering these entities scalability through a centralized shared services platform. allows these SME brokers to continue owning their own businesses while working under one recognizable brand.

Puda Coal, Inc. (PUDC) previously at $1.73 up 24% at $2.15 with 8,901,499 shares traded. (PUDC) was highlighted today by and this month by, OTC Picks, First Financial News and

Puda Coal, Inc. announced this month that the company has posted record full year revenue increases of 166% the companies Full Year Adjusted Net Income rose 123% to $12.5 Million
Puda Coal, through its affiliates and controlled entities, supplies premium grade coking coal to the steel making industry for use in making coke. The management believes it is the largest coking coal cleaning company in terms of capacity in Shanxi Province, China. Shanxi Province provides 20-25% of China's coal output and supplies nearly 50% of China's coke.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight TerraNostra Resources Corporation (TNRO) closed today at $ 2.20 with 25,949 shares traded. (TNRO) was highlighted this month by OTC Reporter, GMCR, Beacon Equity Research, Independent Investment Edge, OTC Reporter, Stock Wire, OTC Reporter and

Terra Nostra Resources Corporation announced today the details of the two sales contracts for Shandong Quanxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. ("SQSS"), its stainless steel joint venture operation in China. The first contract is with Qing Dao Baemyung Metal Co. Ltd which has contracted SQSS to produce 600 Metric Tons ("MT") of 304 grade stainless steel billets per month, for an annualized value of approximately US$30 million and the second which SQSS has been contracted by Zhejiang Yuyaohongda Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. to produce 201 series billets, with a contract is worth US$11 million annually.
Terra Nostra is strategically positioned to benefit from the continually increasing demand for both copper and stainless steel from major growth sectors in China including the automotive, high technology, infrastructure development and construction industries. Disclaimer

TerraNostra Resources Corporation Blog

TerraNostra Resources Corporation News:

Terra Nostra Announces Stainless Steel Production Contracts Valued at $41 Million

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (HYBT) closed today at $4.60 with 60,600 shares traded

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. announced today that the company will team with multi-platinum Atlantic recording artist James Blunt along with Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music for WMG to help showcase environmentally-friendly, all-electric cars.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. in what is looking like a very wise move, judging by the press they have received, the company chose the New York International Auto Show to unveil the 2007 L1X-75 -- a highly advanced carbon fiber, lithium powered sports car with uncompromising power, style and torque, as well as the introduction of the much anticipated NYC all-lithium Taxi which was recently featured on CNN. The company also chose the NY Auto show to announce the launch of the Distributor - Dealer Program. Forbes Magazine recently featured Hybrid Technologies for the first time in a company report.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. a development stage company, engaging in the development and marketing of electric powered vehicles and products as wellas the development of portable battery power pack technology and vehicle conversions from conventional power systems to electric power systems.

Hybrid Technologies Blog

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. News:

Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: HYBT) Stock Dividend Update

Hybrid Technologies (OTCBB: HYBT) Announces Warner Brothers Joint Release

Hybrid Technologies (OTCBB: HYBT) Star at the New York International Auto Show With Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Popular Mechanics, New York Times, Sirius Satellite Radio and Fast Company


The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Novori Inc. (NOVO) as "One To Watch" (NOVO) previously at 1.22 up 2% at $1.25 with 9,895 shares traded.

Novori announced last month that they have captured the first place position for e-commerce sales growth in the USA, rising from the third fastest growth industry in 2006. The principal component propelling online jewelry sales growth rate is diamond rings, engagement rings and other high-ticket items.

Novori is a leading online interactive retailer of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry. Novori launched their website in 2005 and has built a well-respected brand by providing consumers with superior customer service and a better way to buy diamond engagement rings. Novori hit huge sales growth in its second year, with 2006 revenues exceeding 2005 by 2,374%. Due to strong holiday sales, online jewelry rose from the third fastest to become the # 1 fastest growing online industry for 2007 according to Comdex published statistics. Disclaimer

The Novori Daily Blog 

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