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Organic gardening has grown in popularity over the past several decades and with that popularity the demand for a safe and effective natural fertilizer has increased. To satisfy the demands of growers has developed ProtoGrow, a “superfood” for that helps produce nutritionally dense plants. GrowLikeCrazy is currently being featured on


ProtoGrow contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever. Its ingredients are a unique blend of the micronutrients from a very special kelp extract and the macronutrients from North Atlantic fish. (Fish emulsion is a natural source of a large number of major plant nutrients).


ProtoGrow also increases the plants mineral uptake, increases bloom set and dramatically increases the size of both flowers and fruit. Additional ingredients build microorganisms in the soil as well as increase the storage life of fruits and vegetables by actually reversing the loss of proteins, chlorophyll and RNA. (all information taken from is one of many sites operated by, a site offering a number of products and information concerning for crisis management, emergency situations and natural fertilizers. To learn more about SolutionsFromScience go to:


For more information about ProtoGrow and the benefits of safe fertilizers go to:


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