Bloggers Glenn Gutmacher, Jim Stroud and Jim Durbin cite latest Bullhorn study

BOSTON, MA 5/01/2007 08:38 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)

Bullhorn, the global leader in On Demand front-office staffing and recruiting software, earlier this month released the results of its online social network survey in the “2007 Tools of the Trade” report. In addition to the study’s key findings on the most popular social networks for sourcing candidates, the report named the most popular blogs among staffing and recruiting industry professionals. According to Bullhorn, the most-read blogs include the Electronic Recruiter Exchange (ERE) blog network, staffingandrecruiting.com (authored by Barb Bruno), STLRecruiting.com, Recruiting.com by Jim Durbin, and Jimstroud.com. Blogger Glenn Gutmacher featured these results on his blog, Recruiting-online.spaces.live.com.


Bullhorn just released the results of a ‘Tools of the Trade’ survey that has some very intriguing nuggets,” Gutmacher said in his April 11 post. “All in all, a worthwhile read.”


The results were also mentioned in posts by Jim Durbin and Jim Stroud on their blogs.


Registration to read the full report is available online. Bullhorn plans to expand upon their “tools of the trade” survey research in June of this year.


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