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As every gardener knows, the secret to growing healthy fruits and vegetables lies not in what you plant but what you plant it in. You may have visions of growing the juiciest tomatoes or spinach with the darkest green leaves but if you don’t have the foresight to take care of the soil you plant your seeds in then your fruits and vegetables will almost certainly fall short of your expectations.


Soil maintenance is imperative to growing healthy and better tasting food and the first step in preparing your garden for such a harvest is your fertilizer. For years gardeners were fed the lie that the only way to successfully grow their fruits and vegetables was through chemical fertilizers but the truth is natural and organic fertilizers are not only as effective but much safer.


While chemical fertilizers have been billed as an effective means of protecting gardens from insects and disease they have also been tied to a number of health problems. Several natural fertilizers actually provide the same protection from insects and disease while preserving the integrity of the fruits and vegetables. It is because of this that many gardeners have turned to the natural and organic fertilizers to grow their food but with the market now carrying hundreds of brand sit is difficult to really figure out what fertilizer is right for you.


This is where steps in. Offering constantly updated reviews on natural and organic fertilizer products, the site provides the most comprehensive wealth of information available for any organic grower.


The unbiased reviews published by cover everything from top natural fertilizer products and seaweed fertilizers to stewardship-friendly alternatives that benefit the soil in which you are planting. Reviews will include a ranking for the natural fertilizer, making it easy to identify the most popular and effective product on the market.


Safe-Fertilizer-Reviews’ rankings are determined by a number of factors which include the efficiency of the product, pricing, volume of complaints registered with consumer advocacy groups and customer service provided by the company. These rankings are constantly updated so if something about the product changes it will be reflected in their ranking.


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